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Introduction to User Stories and Agile Requirements

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2 Days

One of the following courses is required:

  • AG10 Agile Team Training Camp
  • AG35 Agile Scrum Master
  • AG36 Agile Product Owner
  • AG11 Agile Essentials
The shift to Agile approaches has affected how we define, discuss, and document requirements. In adopting an Agile approach, we look to travel light, embrace change, and value interactions over prescriptive processes. This course provides opportunities for participants to put principles and techniques into practice by creating a Product Vision; employing the User Stories to identify, describe, and discuss requirements and Acceptance Criteria; prioritize Stories and size them appropriately, while avoiding common pitfalls.
This course is designed for Product Owners, Business Analysts, Development Team Members, or anyone responsible for requirements in Agile efforts. It is also appropriate for Scrum Masters and Agile coaches who are responsible for coaching the Team.

In this course, participants will:

  • Explain how requirements fit into the Agile approach
  • Define User Stories
  • Identify the Product Vision, value, and key stakeholders
  • Capture stakeholder and project requirements with User Stories
  • Prioritize User Stories
  • Build and use Story Maps and Product Backlogs
  • Identify and validate Acceptance Criteria for User Stories
  • Slice User Stories
  • Identify common User Story pitfalls and address how to avoid them
  • Explain how User Stories enhance Agile and integrate with Scrum
Agile Requirements
Waterfall Process
The Agile Manifesto
Agile Principles
Agile Requirements

What are User Stories?
The 3Cs of User Stories
The Card and Confirmation

Product Vision and Value
Case Study Review
Agile Planning Levels
Product Vision
Elevator Pitch Template
Customers, Roles, and Personas

Capture Requirements with User Stories
User Story Formats
User Story Workshop

Acceptance Criteria
User Stories and Acceptance Criteria

User Stories and Acceptance Criteria: The Big Picture
User Stories Exercise

Manage the Product Backlog
Product Backlog Iceberg
Managing the Product Backlog

Story Slicing
Theme, Epics, and Stories
Why and When to Slice User Stories
Slicing patterns

Story Mapping
What are Story Maps?
Story Mapping Activities

Release Planning
Levels of Agile Planning
Release Planning Example and Discussion

User Story Pitfalls
People. Roles and Responsibilities
Story Content and Definition

Exercise Scenarios
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