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Introduction to DevOps for Leaders

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Half Day

Familiarity with development and operations processes.
This course provides participants with an introduction to DevOps. During this half-day course, they will learn how DevOps is a holistic extension and application of lean and agile principles and practices from planning through to operationalizing solutions. Lectures, discussions and exercises will look at the People, Practices and Tools involved in DevOps initiatives. Participants will become familiar with DevOps and the challenges and approaches of leading a properly executed and successful DevOps initiative.
This course is designed for organization and team leaders who are interested in learning how to effectively and efficiently create and guide a high-performance delivery organization via DevOps.
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Articulate the value-proposition of DevOps
  • Describe the principles and practices supporting high-performance, cross-functional collaborating teams
  • Describe the relationships among DevOps principles and practices
  • Define a DevOps roadmap incorporating People, Process and Products
Learning Outcomes:
Describe DevOps and its Importance
Describe the Principles and Practices Supporting DevOps
Start a DevOps Journey with the Tools Needed to Create a Roadmap Incorporating People, Practices, and Tools
Describe the Challenges and Approaches of Leading Organizational Change

DevOps Context
Describe the Scope and Impact of DevOps
Explain the Holistic Nature of DevOps
Identify the Steps of Value Stream Mapping

DevOps Culture
Describe the Elements of DevOps Culture

DevOps Practices
Explain Techniques and Practices that Support DevOps
Describe Good Architecture, CI, and CD
Utilize the DevOps Pipeline to Examine the Big Picture
Identify Examples of Metrics and Monitoring in DevOps
Continuous Delivery
Automated Provisioning and Deployment
Focus on the Delivery Pipeline
Metrics and Monitoring

DevOps Tools
Identify Specific Tools Used to Support DevOps
Describe What Each Tool is Used For and How They All Interact
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