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Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

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2 Days

Though no scrum experience is required, some experience with managing projects is helpful. It is encouraged that participants to arrive well rested and prepared for a full day of fun and interactive learning.
This two-day, hands-on workshop is filled with practical advice and time-tested techniques designed to give students the foundation they need to succeed with Scrum. Our Certified Scrum Trainers have the experience and expertise to help each of you whether brand new to Scrum or adapting to a Scrum implementation. Each person will leave the class with practical, applicable changes and improvements they can apply to their own projects and teams.

Upon successful completion of this course, each participant will received a two-year membership with the Scrum Alliance and will be registered as eligible to take the Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) exam.
This course is designed for team members, stakeholders, ScrumMasters, Project Managers and anyone who wants to understand what Scrum is all about.

Upon completion of this course, participants will understand:

  • How Scrum helps organizations copy with change, budget constraints, quality issues and more
  • The ScrumMaster role and how it differs from a traditional project manager
  • Pragmatic practices for planning, project execution and progress reporting
  • How documenting in Scrum differs from traditional documentations
  • Strategies for succeeding with Scrum on your own project
Scrum Foundations
Scrum Roles and Responsibilities
Scrum Meetings
Scrum Artifacts
Product Increment and the Definition of Done
Burndown Charts
Scaling Scrum

The topics listed above meet the learning objectives identified by the Scrum Alliance. Each course's final outline may vary, based on conversations between the instructor and the client prior to delivery.
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