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Agile Testing Practices Overview

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1 Day

Basic understanding of Agile and the concept of User Stories provided via experience or attendance of courses such as AG10 Agile Team Training Camp.
This course introduces Shift-Left and the mindset required when moving from traditional quality efforts to a modern view of team ownership of quality. We will discuss challenges with traditional software quality approaches and contrast those approaches with how Agile Teams prevent and detect defects. Class discussions and exercises will provide participants with the opportunities to discuss quality and testing in the real world of being Agile.

Please note: This course will introduce the concepts of Test Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior Driven Development (BDD), but is not designed to provide in-depth training.
This course is designed for cross-functional Agile Teams including Product Owners, Business Analysts, Developers, and Quality Assurance.

In this course, participants will:

  • Describe and compare Agile and traditional testing principles and practices
  • Describe Shift-Left and its impact
  • Describe how Business, Development, and QA roles collaborate in Agile testing efforts
  • Apply Agile principles and techniques for documentation
  • Explain the critical role that automation plays in Agile
    • Differentiate between scenarios best suited to automated tests and those best suited to manual tests
  • Use frameworks such as the Agile Testing Quadrants and Agile Testing Pyramid to build optimized test plans and test portfolio
  • Describe the role of Agile testing in DevOps
Quality and Your Organization
Software Quality
Quality and Testing Anti-Patterns

Shift-Left and Agile Testing
The Testing Manifesto
Traditional Testing Approach vs. Shift-Left Approach
Detecting and Preventing Defects

Improving Requirement Quality
Agile Requirements and Quality
Collaborating on Quality User Stories
User Stories and Acceptance Criteria
Story Slicing Patterns
Logging Defects
Refine Acceptance Criteria

Test Types
Testing Options
Test Driven Development (TDD)
Behavior Driven Development (BDD)
BDD Participants and Interactions

Building an Optimized Testing Portfolio
Optimized Testing Portfolio
Detailing and Grouping the Quadrants
Agile Testing Pyramid
Allocating Tools and Investment
Constraints by Size
Define Your Pyramid

Agile Test Planning
Agile Documentation and Test Plans
One-Page Test Plan
10 Minute Test Plan
Attribute, Component, Compatibility (ACC) Analysis
Create a Test Plan
Test Planning: Scaling and Technology

DevOps, CI, CD, and Small Batches
DevOps CALMS Model
Where Do We Focus On Quality
Small Batches Improve Quality

Testing Automation
What to Automate
Barriers to Automation
Choosing Automation Tools

Adopting Agile Testing
Adopting Agile Testing Practices for Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Development Team
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