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Agile Reboot Camp

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2-3 Days

Scoping Call – In order to understand what to focus on for the team, we will meet with the attendees beforehand to “scope” out and prioritize areas the team has applied learning to or areas where the team has not yet addressed.
“Ahh, that’s how I should have been doing that...”

At TEKsystems, we understand that teams like to roll-up their sleeves and get to work on their Agile transformation. We always encourage teams to get started with Agile methods and adapt as needed. However, as teams begin to mature, develop a cadence, and deliver value to the business, there is often a need to stop and refresh their knowledge of Agile methods in order to achieve the next level of delivery performance.

The Agile Reboot Camp is focused on helping teams achieve this next level. The Agile Reboot Camp begins by focusing on Agile principles and values to ensure that existing teams have a foundation on which to evolve and grow. Next, the course focuses on areas where the teams have tried various techniques and are still in need of mentoring and coaching. These areas, which span Release Planning through how to work with distributed teams, are often selected based on improvement areas identified in the Team’s prior retrospectives.
This course is designed as an immersion session and in-depth coaching for teams at varying stages of an Agile transformation. Bringing their actual experience to the course, teams will gain understanding through practice of the full Agile framework and focus on areas that need readjustment.
Upon the Agile reboot camp completion, team members will be able to:
  • Put Agile knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to work including:
    • Define what is meant by an empirical process and how it differs from a traditional, defined process
    • Understand more fully the ceremonies and artifacts associated with the Agile Scrum method
    • Understand more fully how to plan within Agile
    • Understand more fully Agile reporting and quality 
  • Describe how to engage with other Teams within the Agile framework
  • More deeply understand how to apply Agile methods in their environment
  • Be self-sustaining and self-sufficient using Agile methodologies
  • Able to “adjust” existing practices to improve the teams flow and delivery cadence
  • Deliver Outstanding Results for their Customers
The course topics illustrate, at a high level, what is typically covered during an Agile Reboot Camp. The scheduled scoping call will help determine the exact topics that will be covered during the reboot camp.

Agile Overview
Traditional Approaches

Backlog Management
Product Backlog & story workshop
Estimating complete stories
Prioritization practices
Product road-mapping
Story Mapping

Release planning
Guerilla Planning
Velocity-driven iteration planning
Sprint Planning Agenda
Capacity vs. Velocity

Reporting and Diagnostics
Iteration-level reporting
Release-level reporting
Quality reporting
Program reporting (Scrum of Scrum)

Test-Driven & Behavior Driven Development (TDD & BDD)
Agile Quality – It’s everyone’s responsibility
Defect management

Collaborative Teaming
High Performing Team growth
The Scrum Team: Generalizing Specialists

Integrating with other Teams
Scrum of Scrums
Distributed team practices
Working with other organizational groups (architecture, infrastructure, PMO)

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