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Agile Overview

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Half Day


This course provides teams with what they need to get started with a solid Agile foundation and is meant to be a beginning, not an end, of their Agile training and maturity.  As Agile practices move into the mainstream, more and more teams are attempting to run before they walk.  Managers wonder, do my teams really know what is needed to be successful?  The Agile Overview course will give managers and teams the knowledge of how Agile teams operate to achieve the success that is so widely advertised.

This course is designed for individuals who are looking for a common understanding of Agile foundations, principles and practices. This includes newly formed Agile teams as well as teams that have some Agile experience who seem to be operating with a wide array of expectations.

This course does not include writing user stories, planning and estimating practices, etc. Please see Agile Team Training Camp for a course that offers these tools.

In this course, participants will:

  • Learn the key components and principles of Agile and the Lean, eXtreme Programming, Kanban, and Scrum Agile approaches
  • Explore the different Agile approaches
  • Identify and alleviate common impediments to Agile success
What Is Agile?
The basics of Agile and the Agile Manifesto

Why Agile?
Agile Adoption Goals of the Team and the Organization

How is Agile different?
Traditional Processes vs. Agile Processes
Agile Methods

Lean Software Development
Many of the Concepts and Ideas Outlined in “Agile” Processes are Rooted in Lean

Kanban Core Principles and Properties
Applying Kanban

eXtreme Programming (XP)
XP Overview
XP Feedback Loops and Planning

The Scrum Framework
What is Scrum?
Scrum Flow
Scrum Roles

Agile Planning
Levels of Agile Planning

The Importance of the Product Backlog
The 3C’s of User Stories
Relative Estimation
Story Points

Transparency and Information Radiators
Radiating Information and Increasing Project Transparency

Recognizing Impediments and Anti-Patterns that may Inhibit your Team and Organization’s Success with Agile

Brief review of every topic covered
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