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Agile for Product Owners

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2 Days

This course provides a deep dive understanding of the Scrum process and the Product Owner role within the process. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to apply your learned knowledge of Product Owner responsibilities by collaborating with your Scrum Team through a Scrum implementation from project start to project finish. Through practice activities and discussions, you will understand how to master the processes of deriving user stories from key stakeholders, and creating a stable product backlog to support an agile project and release plan effectively. During this 2 day course, we will equip you with the tools necessary by enhancing your understanding of Scrum and your role within the process, in order to assist you in achieving a successful product that delivers business value quickly.
This course is designed for a new Product Owner or any Scrum team member wanting to adopt Scrum who is looking to gain an overview of the entire Scrum process, and understand the expectations of the Product Owner role within the process.

In this course, participants will:

  • Describe how to be a successful Product Owner in the Enterprise
  • Describe the Product Owner’s core responsibilities and expectations for the role
  • Describe how a Product Owner participates in Agile Planning
  • Create User Stories
  • Identify and address common pitfalls
  • Write various types of User Stories based on Personas
  • Interact with and support a Development Team and Key Stakeholders throughout the Scrum Framework
  • Describe how the Product Owner impacts quality
Agile Review for the Product Owner
Basics for those newer to Scrum
Review for those who have previous Scrum experience to level-set
Understand requirement representation within the Scrum framework
Achieve a clear view of the common practice Scrum roles, meetings, and artifacts

Product Owner Essentials
Take a detailed look at the characteristics and expectations of the PO role
Review key activities that occur in the daily life of a PO

Agile Planning
Review an overview of Agile planning, including the different levels
Take a look at how to create a Product Vision
Understand how to create a Product Roadmap

Agile Requirements
Understand the difference between waterfall requirements gathering and Agile requirements
Review the three C’s of a User Story
Understand how to evaluate User Stories using INVEST
Look at acceptance criteria for User Stories
Gain a detailed understanding of the product backlog’s importance within Scrum

User Stories
The 3Cs of user stories
The card and user story conversations
Acceptance criteria
Slicing user stories
User story slicing patterns

User Roles and Personas
The customer, roles, and personas
Non-functional user stories

Manage the Product Backlog
Managing the product backlog
Product backlog iceberg
Backlog Refinement

Agile Planning (Part 2)
Understand Release Planning and the PO’s role
Review the PO’s role within the Sprint

Estimation with Story Points
Describe what story points are and when to use them
Describe rlease burndown and velocity

The Sprint: Sprint Planning and Daily Planning
Levels of Agile planning
Sprint burndown
Sprint review

Product Owner and Scaling Agile
Understand Agile Scaling and the Agile Scaling Factors
Review the impact of Agile Scaling on the PO

Agile Quality: Shift-Led and Quality Testing
Review Shift-Left and Behavior-Driven Development

Product Owner Pitfalls

Gain an understanding of common PO pitfalls and how to avoid them
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