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Continuous Testing

Speed without sacrifice  

The digital economy is reinventing itself every hour, demanding next-gen strategy and operations: automation, DevOps, Agile. When your business counts on you to ensure software works during crunch time, you need to deliver and delight at optimum velocity.

We help transform the way you drive quality management, but that doesn’t mean it’s our way or the highway. Our experts help you leverage modern solutions to maximize investments and achieve your evolving business goals.

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What We Do

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Continuous Testing

We’ll help you pick up the pace without sacrificing quality. How? By using DevOps  to bake in testing early and often in the development life cycle. We can take over your testing capacity or upskill your QA team with our specialized training program that teaches continuous and automated testing skills. Either way, you can drive forward faster.

Person holding tablet in automotive plant, conducting continuous testing and performance engineering to prepare for peak demands

Performance Engineering

Automation promises faster cycles, better coverage and efficient resourcing. We evaluate performance over the entire life cycle and help you embrace cutting-edge technology strategies so your business can meet peak demand periods. From prepping for Black Friday to recon after an outage, we look at the whole process, from user behavior to system response to make you ready for the big day.

Man conducting manual regression testing at laptop in server room

Core Testing

Feeling the weight of a heavy backlog of manual tests? We can help reduce the cycle time for executing regression testing while increasing coverage. Our manual regression testing service accelerates results so you can focus on quality outcomes.

Person at computer conducting specialty continuous testing for open enrollment benefit configuration and test data management

Specialty Testing

Open enrollment benefit configuration

Annually, insurance providers face the busy season of open enrollment, renewals and benefits configuration. We’ve built in automation to make it a smooth and stable process that can flatten the need to ramp up large manual configuration and testing teams throughout the season.

Test data management

Mitigate risk, comply with regulations and avoid project delays by using real data to test your software—without exposing your users to breaches. We can help with all aspects of managing data for testing to ensure you’re testing the right data, right-sized for your environment.

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Solutions That Scale

Advising to outsourcing to talent. Our delivery isn’t off-the-shelf, it’s unique to you.

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