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A Story of Owning Change

investing in agile

Financial institution increases speed and quality of services


reduction in product defects


employees trained on Agile

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Our client is an American multinational financial institution with a presence in over 30 countries and over $1 trillion in assets. Helping customers achieve personal and financial goals is in their DNA. It’s no surprise that they take the same approach to providing best-in-class products and services through accelerating speed to market and innovation. Like any transformative journey, it starts with a look inward.

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financial data displayed on digital screen

The proposition: Becoming Agile

Determined to remain in the market driver seat, they knew they needed to operate iteratively to stay cutting edge. Their vision: delivering for their customers—faster and better. The way they were going to get there? Full Agile adoption. But understanding Agile practices and adapting to change requires training, coaching and change management. So, our client forged ahead with us by their side to implement a robust Agile adoption solution to get their teams up and running.

Our proposal: Training at the forefront

Arm in arm, we helped our client transform their organization through customized Agile learning and adoption solutions. By implementing a holistic training and coaching program, our client now better understands how to prioritize their requested work product based on business value—and has functional metrics to support continuous improvement. Our collaboration provided training and integrated coaching while addressing all levels of the organization’s leadership. To ensure training was dynamic, we shared best practices, discoveries and efficiencies gained across all teams and locations.

Powerful partnership: Operating at the pace of change

Speed, achieved. We’ve provided a foundation for accelerated, sustainable Agile adoption to enable long-term success. By understanding their culture, we helped them scale to reach new heights of performance and learning stickiness. Our client knows that they must remain flexible in order to adapt during changing times—that’s why we were lock-step with them to provide guidance and support along the way.

man reviewing mobile investments and bank accounts

Real-world Results

Breaking down barriers to compete in an ever-evolving world—our client is all in on moving their organization and employees forward. Through high-quality training and leadership participation, they’re positioned to transform their business from the top down. We trained and coached over 1,500 employees on Agile, doubling their team productivity and reducing product defects by 40%.

While providing Agile training and coaching fueled our client to address their transformation needs, the long-term win is driving them toward self-sufficiency and a continuous learning culture as they scale. Designed from the start for incredible growth.

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