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Digital Talent Forecast

As part of our digital marketing survey, TEKsystems Digital asked over 250 marketing leaders what digital marketing skill sets they expect to increase in criticality at their organization over the next 12 months. Our infographic identifies specific skill sets by demand, as well as by functional area (e.g., design, development). We also examine whether the most in-demand roles heading into 2018 are more tactical or strategic in their day-to-day activities.

Top Digital Marketing Skills

How to use digital marketing talent trends to grow your career

Nearly all marketing leaders (95 percent) report their organization has experienced negative impacts due to lack of available qualified talent. While it is awesome to know that your skills are in high demand, being proactive with that information will help you build you career and land a job you really want. Here are some quick tips to improve your job search based on key hiring insights from our survey.

  • Demand for non-traditional marketing skill sets is expected to grow. The majority of the skill sets identified as most likely to increase in criticality over the next year didn’t exist 10 years ago. (And if they did, they likely sat in the IT side of the house.)
    • Tip: Review the skill sets that are highlighted most on your resume and LinkedIn profile to see if they reflect what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for. Look to close gaps through certifications, staying current with digital trends and working with your current employer to grow your skills in emerging technologies (they need these skills too!)
  • Strategic roles are in high demand. The top roles across functional areas are more strategic in their day-to-day activities. It is clear that marketing leaders see the future of their field becoming more metrics-driven.
    • Tip: If you have a background in analytics or project management, but haven’t worked in a marketing department, the time is ripe to break into the field. Work with a recruiter on how to communicate your diverse skills and experience to a marketing hiring manager audience.
  • Demand is wide-ranging. While analytics and content talent is in greatest demand, there is need across the board.
    • Tip: Your skills are in high demand. Contact a TEKsystems Digital recruiter to learn what types of opportunities are available in your city. Consider contract or contract-to-hire positions as opportunities to quickly grow skills and experience.

Read the executive summary  for complete survey results.