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A Story of Owning Change


Global expansion, powered by the cloud

Reduced legacy app rewrite time by


Reduced data center stand-up time from 2 months to 3 weeks


Reduced page load times by up to


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Our client is a best-in-class medical vendor management system (VMS) provider of leading innovative contingent workforce management solutions in healthcare.

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The proposition:When London calls, you answer

Our client had the opportunity to expand into the U.K. To deliver on their customers’ needs, they needed to perform country-specific customizations to their U.S.-based platform to make it adaptable and compliant in the U.K.—i.e., laws, regulations, payment processes, language and currency conversions.

Our proposal:Seize the day with speed and agility

Trying to hop across the pond is a serious move. There’s no room for leisurely sails—a strategic vision tucked in a speedboat is key. With security and flexibility top of mind, the client decided to build the new U.K. app and move their legacy U.S. app to the cloud simultaneously using AWS.

We helped our client seize this enormous opportunity by building a next-gen AWS environment and migrating critical services from legacy machines to the cloud. We also refactored .NET code for EU data standards—and to allow the client to take advantage of new cloud capabilities for fast feature deployment. Working closely with the client’s security and engineering teams, we implemented an AWS IAM strategy with built-in resiliency that met their corporate risk and security standards and AWS best practices.

Powerful partnership:Full-stack synergy

Time was of the essence. But moving fast doesn’t mean cutting corners. Within weeks, we met with business stakeholders to scope and define the overall effort so we could design and execute a cloud roadmap.

Our capabilities within AWS and our ability to deliver an end-to-end solution—spanning cloud adoption, application transformation, cloud-native development, and risk and security—enabled us to be the flexible partner the client needed to lead them through this multi-tiered project.

The TEKsystems team did a fantastic job on the design and delivery of our solution. The team successfully delivered both phases of a complex development effort in a very compressed timeline, and did so while keeping to a very aggressive budget. I can’t wait to collaborate again in the future.

Vice President of Technology

A patient and a nurse reviewing chart information


Transformation, won. We rebuilt and migrated the client’s app at an accelerated pace. By embedding automated backup and recovery solutions into their AWS environment, our client can quickly test and adopt changes as their customers demand new functionality. Moving forward, AWS enables easy updates to the platform at a competitive cost and positions them to penetrate other international markets.

The client’s end customer was able to use the client’s VMS to provide services to the U.K. healthcare system, gaining significant market share. With scalability and flexibility built into the platform, our client is positioned to expand into more countries—and continents. Taking the world by cloud.

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