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Elevating Virtual Grocery Shopping

A Story of Owning Change

A leading grocer takes a cloud-smart approach to virtual shopping.


saved in self-hosting operating costs and software licensing operating costs

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Owning Change in Retail

Our customer, a national grocery retail chain, understands working hard for consumers and providing products at a fair price. They wanted to help consumers save time and shop smarter through a better virtual shopping experience.

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The Challenge: Virtual Shopping with Personalized Experience

Cohesive Data Ecosystem for Retail

Service obsessed and forward-thinking, our customer took charge of building a seamless, reliable online shopping experience for consumers. They needed a modernized platform for retail operations to keep up with demand and improve data analytics, logistics networks and advanced capabilities—advantages only found with cloud services.

The platform needed to gather meaningful data to provide insights into consumer behavior, improve the shopping experience and expand their reach by launching new services and products into new locations.

The new ecosystem would require a failover strategy to provide continuous service despite disruptions. The strategy would allow them to:

  • Handle massive amounts of data
  • Provide continuous support to people and processes with adaptive technology
  • Accelerate the delivery of new products, services and customer experiences
  • Adjust to economic challenges

Our customer wanted technology that would work well together to deliver a holistic real-time view of their data. The requirements? Leveling up from their legacy platform, and moving away from a data center dependency to prevent incomplete data transfers and communication process issues. A stable network architecture to hold large amounts of data for their customer requests and a pathway to transfer data quickly and efficiently.

Enabling a cloud-smart approach to prevent outages—keeping their loyal customers coming back. Think: shopping carts filled, orders completed, errands simplified.

To power this, they needed a partner, complete with a team of experts, with the capacity and expertise to fulfill their vision. Enter TEKsystems.

Everything that we put in the market was going to be fully functional from the beginning. It was going to be scalable and resilient. It was going to be secure and frictionless, and the way we were going to do all that is through our cloud journey.

Executive at our customer, a large retail grocery chain

Our Solution: A Souped-Up Strategy

A Cloud-Smart Approach for Data Management Architecture

Based on an existing relationship built on trust, shared knowledge and past projects, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Together, we created a strategy focused on security, reliability, performance and stability that could respond to a hybrid multi-cloud environment. They invested in Microsoft Azure and modern microservices architecture to manage and save data quickly while we custom wrote, rehosted and modernized their applications. This strategy helped reduce the costs of IT operational infrastructure, data center operations and licensing fees.

We implemented a new commercial scheduling automation platform to manage event-driven automation and provide unified enterprise-wide scheduling abilities based on date and time calendars. The platform contained a jobs trigger centered on events and constraints put in place before critical jobs could run.

We added an accelerator designed by our experts that sped up the conversion to this new platform and minimized the errors resulting from a manual conversion. The accelerator converted the legacy jobs and moved larger amounts of data faster through the conversion and data migration processes. By working with our customer to transform their vision into a reality, we’ve helped them in their next phase of business transformation. Innovation and value in the bag.

Powerful Partnership: Blending Tech with Insights

Effective Communication and Operational Planning

True value requires communication driven by deep technical and business expertise. We prioritized our customer’s needs by focusing on transparency and communication. We developed a cadence by scheduling weekly calls, providing status reports and giving access to information to all team members involved. We provided the most up-to-date information to help them reach their goals.

Side by side with our customer, we worked to migrate their data efficiently without disruption. We understood their current environment and met them where they were, constructing a roadmap and strategy to build a successful technical design.

I’m excited to say we’re two months away from being, I think, the first grocer and one of the first retailers to be 100% in the cloud, thanks to the help of TEKsystems.

Leader at our customer, a large retail grocery chain

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Real-World Results

Since our collaboration, our customer has seen improved efficiency and reduced operational costs, all while providing a delightful virtual shopping experience for their consumers. Now they can recover quickly from major platform or regional cloud platform outages with fewer service interruptions, ensuring shopper satisfaction and loyalty. By using the multi-cloud strategy that we customized for them, our customer can focus on other opportunities and expand into the future. TEKsystems is ready to help them cook up more success in the next exciting phase of their digital journey.

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