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A Story of Owning Change



increase in service desk resolution rate 


in additional annual revenue due to increased productivity


service desk end-user satisfaction rate 
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Laser-focused attention and an innovative approach help our client, a global law firm established in the 1960s, deliver compelling solutions for clients at top speed. The results: superior service and enduring client loyalty.

To minimize disruption, optimize uptime and nurture growth, the firm needed an internal service desk capability that could help them not simply maintain but accelerate their pace.

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The proposition:Serve up next-level support

The A-list law firm needed faster incident management and resolution rates, and to deliver a transformative user experience for its nearly 800 employees across nine U.S. offices.

To ramp up their internal service desk productivity, we assembled a dedicated service desk team to provide 24×7×365 support out of our Baltimore Solution Center. Following a seamless transition, we increased resolution rates by more than 45 percent. More uptime led to more billable hours and more productive lawyers—win-win.

Our proposal:Tackle change, head on

With a shared commitment to excellence, we forged ahead. We saw opportunity to further increase customer satisfaction by improving continuity, knowledge sharing and management between their service desk and desktop support teams.

We helped our client transition from their existing siloed desktop support model to our comprehensive workplace services solution. By aligning the service desk and desktop support organizations, they gained greater integration, accountability and oversight—and ultimately reduced desktop support escalations by 60 percent.

Powerful partnership: Strengths united

Workplace services, operating in unison. Our client was so happy with the bottom-line results that we further extended our partnership. We formed a systems engineering team that could speedily respond to incidents that required more specialized expertise. With extended business hours and on call 365 days a year, the integration of the engineering team brought the firm’s workplace support full circle.

Our partnership is based on mutual respect, flexibility, honesty and a willingness to work together to solve problems. That’s really pretty refreshing compared to some vendors I deal with.

Manager of IT Operations

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Real-world Results

With an effective workplace services structure in place, the client’s employees can rely on consistent, blue-ribbon service that optimizes their productivity and available billable hours. These gains have brought in approximately $400,000 in additional annual revenue. And by quickly resolving problems and restoring service to end users, they’re seeing a consistent service desk end-user satisfaction rate of 95 percent. Efficient interactions, faster solutions. Case closed.

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