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Sentara Healthcare: Innovation on the Front Lines

A story of owning change

Sentara Healthcare takes quick action in response to COVID-19 crisis

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Healthcare organizations are on the front lines, fighting the battle against COVID-19. As Sentara Healthcare, a non profit hospital and integrated health system, navigates the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, they remain committed more than ever to the health of the communities they serve. Sentara took action.

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The proposition: Reimagining care

Sentara’s hospitals, outpatient care centers and offices were being inundated with requests for COVID-19 information. Their healthcare providers were being pulled away from providing care in order to screen patient phone calls and direct people to the most appropriate action. To help people assess their symptoms and better allocate vital resources, Sentara pushed for an innovative healthcare experience that would quickly deliver answers to concerned citizens so providers could focus on patient care.

Our proposal: Turning purpose into vision

In the face of such dynamic change and uncertainty, time is of the essence. We partnered with Sentara to set up, configure and deploy a coronavirus chatbot assessment tool to manage the increased requests for information from concerned citizens—all within four days.

The cloud-hosted chatbot tool, built on the TEKsystems.sAIge conversational AI platform, leads users through critical initial screenings for COVID-19 to help people determine if they should seek medical attention. From reassuring worried individuals, to directing high-risk patients to find their local testing center, the chatbot assessment enables Sentara to further care for all those affected. Empowering knowledge right at your fingertips.

screen shot from sentara's chatbot

Coronavirus assessment tool guides users through critical initial screenings for COVID-19.

Powerful partnership: Built for the future

With the incredible speed at which circumstances are evolving around us, our collaboration with Sentara was fast-tracked and adaptable by design. Together, we customized Sentara’s AI chatbot for their specific needs and seamless integration across three of their website domains. Delivering the latest in self-care recommendations, the tool provides critical resources at the time of need—without collecting any protected health information or personally identifiable information.

Our active partnership continues—we’re committed to supporting Sentara as they evolve and roll out additional chatbot assessments across more domains and integrating into their mobile applications. And, as CDC recommendations and knowledge about the virus evolve, Sentara can easily update the assessment tool so they’re delivering the best in healthcare and information, in real time.

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Real-world Results

Since implementing the chatbot assessment, Sentara has given valuable time back to doctors, nurses and healthcare providers. By helping to manage this significant demand of calls and inquiries from concerned citizens and directing them to the right place and information, Sentara’s healthcare providers can redirect their time and focus on delivering the highest quality care to patients.

This chatbot will save time, as Sentara Healthcare focuses on saving lives.

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