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A Story of Owning Change

Powering Up Process with SACM Innovation

Energy company gains efficiencies, insights with a robust SACM program


recouped in vendor credits


recouped from network provider

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As a Fortune 500 energy company and a powerhouse for natural gas processing and transportation, our client manages gas pipelines across North America, maximizing opportunities created by the supply of natural gas and its products.

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North American natural gas pipelines

The proposition: Scalable process

Relentlessly committed to making energy happen isn’t the only thing in our clients’ front view—unlocking a new level of performance is also top priority. Looking to scale forward with efficiency, they needed to first have a clear understanding of their software and hardware resources and liabilities—as well as the true ownership costs of their IT assets.

But they were missing a way to get the full picture. They looked to mature and optimize their service asset and configuration management (SACM) program to deliver the insights required to truly transform their organization.

Our proposal: Supercharging SACM best practices

Powered by subject matter know-how and experience, we helped our client mitigate risks, optimize performance and nurture growth. We leveraged our deep IT service management (ITSM) and IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) expertise to design a comprehensive roadmap to mature their SACM and software asset management (SAM) programs, while also advising staff on using the ITIL® methodology across four locations. With speed and agility, we decreased defects, increased efficiency and accounted for equipment.

Powerful partnership: High performance, together

By optimizing their IT asset management, our client is now in a position to accelerate performance. We were lock-step with our client on the process life cycle from beginning to end. We didn’t just bring service management expertise. We’ve been a consistent, accountable partner working side by side in pursuit of performance—their ultimate goal and our top priority.

natural gas energy company pipeline

Real-world Results

A reinvented SACM process, now operating at full speed and delivering bottom-line impact. Discovering missing devices that no longer needed to be maintained led our client to recoup $145,000 in vendor credits and $170,000 from their network provider.

Lowering costs wasn’t the only benefit for our client—meeting governance and audit requirements and improving accountability and management were also benefits of a mature SACM program. A giant leap forward with a comprehensive roadmap to mature the program and improve operational efficiencies—all while reducing the total cost of ownership—now that’s a win.

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