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Rohrer: Packaging Data for Success

A Story of Owning Change

A consumer packaging corporation drives tangible value for their shareholders with state-of-the-art investments in data analytics.

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Rohrer Owns Change

Rohrer, a trusted partner in retail packaging, pushes the boundaries of the possible using state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies. Founded in 1973 and with nine manufacturing plants across North America, Rohrer plays a crucial role in packaging goods that keep the world moving.

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The Challenge: Getting a Grip on Data

Moving Past a Legacy Stack

Rohrer is expanding. And fast. They’ve completed four acquisitions in five years, with no plans of slowing down. But with growth comes opportunities and challenges.

The company’s leaders wanted to make quick, analytical decisions, but decentralized data slowed them down. They needed a modern, cloud-based data architecture that provided them with a 360-degree view of what was happening across the business. A forward-thinking partner could help them plan big, start small and scale fast for business growth. Enter TEKsystems.

Our Solution: A Dependable Data Platform in the Cloud

Creating a Dynamic Azure Data Framework

There’s power in customization. And that’s what you get with TEKsystems. Our team started with an in-depth data analytics roadmap aligned to business priorities.

Armed with clear insights, we used the concepts of data vault to create a proprietary data model and migration method. We deployed Microsoft Azure with a portfolio of financial reports to show the potential of a metadata-driven framework within Rohrer’s use case.

Consolidated invoice data visualized through Power BI? Done.

Calculating the total cost of operations across plants? Unlocked.

Rohrer’s metadata framework brings game-changing business agility to its operations.

Powerful Partnership: A Roadmap to Modernization

Collaboration Delivers Operational Excellence

Replacing legacy practices and legacy software to move to the cloud can be daunting. Instead of handing Rohrer a prepackaged solution, our team took time to understand their challenges. We used this info to craft an architecture that standardized and automated reporting. We leveraged a columnar database model, ensuring Rohrer could optimize everything the cloud has to offer—a tactical shift from the way legacy reporting was done.

Our partnership helped Rohrer securely migrate their most important data to the cloud and encouraged a more agile culture.

A solid data foundation plus a modernized approach equals growth at the pace of today’s business demands.

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Real-World Results

From the plant level to the item level, Rohrer is equipped to make management decisions that drive profitable growth. In fact, when Rohrer added a new plant, the data warehouse we built for them consumed invoice data within days—a task that would have taken weeks in the past. The big win? C-suite leaders can help themselves to data when they want it.

Smart leadership decisions translate to increased revenue. With this forward-thinking investment in data, Rohrer is ready to tackle profitable growth for the foreseeable future. Customer and shareholder value delivered.

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