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A Story of Owning Change

Moving Mountains of Data

Successfully migrating legacy BI systems to Tableau


custom reports upgraded on day one


migration effort reduction using Tableau Bridge BI accelerator

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Owning Change In Healthcare

Helping people lead healthier lives is a commitment that our client takes on with passion, drive—and innovation. As a not-for-profit healthcare provider, their mission for high-quality healthcare at affordable costs propels their quest to continuously reimagine and reinvent processes, solutions and technology. It’s no surprise that they’ve been recognized for their efforts in providing innovative and transformational care to patients.

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The proposition:A modern platform for a modern world

In healthcare, disruption is now. To better serve their physicians, groups and patients, our client was looking to transform their workforce management application system. They depended on the application’s analytics capabilities—like financials, procurement and spend, supply chain and order management, and human resources—to drive operational efficiencies and harness insights. But these analytics were no longer compatible in their current business intelligence (BI) environment. To maximize the value of their existing tools—and support their meaningful health programs—they needed a partner to migrate their legacy BI system to an environment that would support their workforce management solution.

Our proposal:Brain power

Together, we modernized their BI environment from their major legacy BI platform to Tableau, enabling them to continue using the critical application features their organization relies on. We seamlessly implemented the upgrade and data migration into their new landscape, while also redesigning their overall BI platform security and coding standards to align with industry best practices.

Powerful partnership:Delight, at your service

We were not only able to setup a seamless modernization, but we also maintained their historical data without compromise. In addition, we used our Tableau Bridge BI accelerator to migrate their legacy data model and metadata into Tableau to maximize efficiency and insights—shaving off 30% time to market.

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Real-world Results

From migrating and managing their enterprise application, to optimizing the technology, to taking it to the next level with security strategies—we’ve helped our client data migration journey become a reality. And we’ve continued to support their new BI environment with enhancements and fine tuning to ensure greater efficiency and speed as it matures. With smarter BI, our client can provide uninterrupted transformative support and services.

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