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A Thrilling Partnership

A Story of Owning Change

With eyes to the future, our theme park customer builds an app to enhance the guest experience.


mobile engineers delivered in two weeks


features released
in five months


new capabilities added to the mobile experience

A woman on a theme park ride pointing to her phone with a sunset in the background

Owning Change in Entertainment

Our customer is more than a theme park. For over two decades, they’ve been the go-to destination for epic experiences their guests cherish for a lifetime. Families and thrill-seekers flock from around the world to enjoy jaw-dropping adventures they can’t find anywhere else. Most important to our customer? Putting guests at the center of each experience and raising the bar of what’s possible.

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The Challenge: Heightening the Experience

Resourcing a World-Class Mobile App

Our customer gets a rush from great guest experiences. So, when they realized their mobile app wasn’t keeping up with the speed of visitors’ expectations, it was time to think bigger. More than content, they envisioned an app that amplified the park’s epic adventures via guests’ ever-present smartphones. But to make it come to life the right way, they knew they needed to create it in-house, with people that understood their guest-first culture. A critical feature they’d not had luck with outsourced partners in the past. It was time to re-imagine possible while meeting and delighting customers at every turn. And that’s where we met them.

Our Solution: Embed to Elevate

Accelerating Outcomes with Talent

Matching skills requirements with resumes? Standard. Finding the qualities that don’t come out in black and white, like culture fit and culture add? That’s partnership. With experience comes excellence. And we’d built a center of excellence for mobile app delivery within the theme park industry. We positioned our highly skilled experts as extensions of our customer’s team, supporting technical and project management. With their vision in hand, we delivered an upgraded mobile app solution that included mobile food ordering, wallet re-factoring, virtual lines and variable pricing across parks and attractions. With the app’s releases happening on schedule, we documented thoroughly to support future maintainability and reusability.

Powerful Partnership: Flexibility on Demand

Talent Resources That Adjust to the Need

The best plans bend without breaking. And that’s the flexibility we offered our customer. When you’re committed to co-creating results, resilience comes naturally.

Creative resource solutions during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic? Done. Scaling a team of 15 for an international theme park in less than two weeks? Delivered.

As the world went contactless, our customer reclaimed the strategic and creative direction of their mobile experience. Flexibility allowed our customer to keep up, no matter the twists and turns.

When a listening ear converges with turbo-charged execution, results are unlocked.

A team working over a conference table plotting out their plans with colored paper

Real-World Results

With TEKsystems consultants on board, our customer deepened their team’s development capacity. They consistently met their release dates, and added layers of excitement and connectivity to an already epic theme park experience.

Guests blurred exciting fiction with functional reality. Features not available before seamlessly came to life inside the park with iBeacon technology.

After deploying the app, our customer saw an increase in ticket sales through the mobile app and an increase in guest satisfaction ratings. As partners in change, our priority was simple. Ensure the customer could deliver the action-packed experience guests have come to expect.

Hold on tight. We’re headed to the future.

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