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A Story of Owning Change

Leading the way

Transforming Azure DevOps pipeline for improved user experiences


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Leadership: One of the most important and powerful functions within an organization that ultimately drives growth, innovation and success. As a global community with approximately 28,000 members in over 130 countries, our client inspires chief executives to do just that—embrace and embody leadership. Driven with a purpose to inspire better leaders, our client strives to create an environment rooted in exceptional experiences so their leaders can grow stronger, together.

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The proposition: Maturity momentum

Passionate about creating impactful community experiences for its members, our client wanted to streamline processes and deliver faster improvements. In order to scale, they looked to amplify their platform on Microsoft Azure to release software in a consistent pattern, reduce technical debt, have a higher level of performance for their members and align their team model for success. Working to keep their members and employees engaged, our client sought out a partner to help improve their DevOps maturity and lend guidance on best practices. They knew where they wanted to go—they just needed a hand in getting there.

Our proposal: Solutions that scale

As a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner, we dove deep with our client to perform an immersive health check and document their current state environment. From analyzing their Azure DevOps pipeline and technology stream, to interviewing team members to capture a baseline of their technical environment—we helped our client identify areas for improvement in continuous delivery. Propelled by our hands-on approach, we provided framework recommendations delivered in a comprehensive, actionable report. Leveraging our DevOps and cloud expertise, we helped our client focus in on efficiencies and right-sizing their cloud environment.

Powerful partnership: A long-term vision

To enable further transformation and seamless integration of processes, we worked with our client to help them shift left with a well-defined, phased strategy and roadmap built on our recommendations. With this approach, our client made development iterations in a consistent release cycle—providing key improvements to the website performance. Now, our client’s website meets high demand without impacting speed or optimization. Committed to helping our client continuously reach new levels of performance, we recommended additional cloud operations and end-to-end change management alongside consistent health checks toward CI/CD maturity. The long-term vision? Optimized experiences year over year.

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Real-world Results

Leveraging 45 foundational recommendations from our DevOps health check, our client increased their velocity and delivery in software development in just two weeks. By streamlining performance, our client has empowered their workforce for higher productivity so that their teams spend less time on bug fixes. They’ve also increased ROI by shifting left and improving delivery through the maturity of their technology culture and delivery model. An added bonus: our client received 20% of their investment from the initiative credited back through our partnership with Microsoft. But the best part? Our client is leading the way to a more delightful user experience for their members through enhanced applications and a transformative Azure DevOps pipeline.

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