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Keller Williams:
Renovating Reliable

A Story of Owning Change

Real estate leader optimizes cloud operations to delight customers and empower agents.

Decreased time to market

Reduced risk through automation

Increased scalability

Improved observability

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Keller Williams Owns Change

Keller Williams, a real estate and technology company built by agents for agents, redefines best-in-class service for home buyers, sellers and entrepreneurs. Home to the Tech-Enabled Agent, they’re passionate about using technology to deliver unrivaled customer experiences. Always daring to dream it and build it.

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The Challenge: Flexible Foundations

Enhancing Resiliency in Cloud-Based Operations

Keller Williams is dedicated to connecting home buyers to their next dream home with high-quality, reliable web and mobile experiences for all end users, from buyers and sellers to external partners. To meet that mission, they had built out their production environment in Google Cloud for a solid foundation.

Never settling, Keller Williams was poised to further foster visibility, resiliency and scalability in their operations in the cloud—all while reducing technical debt. To ensure any updates would feel at home, Keller Williams looked to augment their in-house expertise by enrolling a team with experience in Google Cloud. Enter TEKsystems.

Our Solution: Lead With Lessons Learned

Bring Google Cloud Best Practices to the Relationship

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, TEKsystems was ready to bring our deep knowledge and experience in Google Cloud to team up with Keller Williams. Powered by best practices and with TEKsystems in their corner, Keller Williams leveled up their infrastructure:

  • Optimized infrastructure as code (IaC) on a new Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster, enabling automation of the entire delivery process.
  • Implemented Anthos Service Mesh (ASM) managed control plane and data plane.
  • Automated upgrades and modifications to a GKE cluster control plane and node pool upgrades.
  • Upgraded IaC pipeline to automate management of the GKE cluster, including ASM using Terraform Cloud.

Further enhancing their security posture in the cloud, Keller Williams enhanced and automated their secrets management processes. They also increased automatic capabilities for upgrades and security patches for master nodes through GKE Autopilot.

By enhancing their existing architecture and enabling automation, Keller Williams optimized operations and reduced risk while also improving workload monitoring, stability and speed.

Powerful Partnership: Feedback to Flourish

Ongoing Communication and Iteration

Continuous improvement is not just for technology—it’s a fundamental element of true partnership. And just as Keller Williams prioritized reliability for their customers, they demanded that same level of care and dedication from their collaborators.

We worked together to iterate and improve, taking feedback from the Keller Williams team for a solution made to last. Keller Williams can continue to take command of whatever their future holds, supported by documentation outlining standards and best practices guiding the way.

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Real-World Results

Reliability and reusability—reinforced with security. With their optimized IaC, they can easily recreate projects in new environments in minutes while reducing troubleshooting times and any opportunities for errors. By enabling and embedding automation in the entire delivery process, Keller Williams has made room for more agility, speed and resiliency in their operations while reducing risk. The results? Improved uptimes, recovery and time to market.

Tackling technical debt and optimizing operations in their cloud environment, Keller Williams has opened the door to further technical innovation and will continue to serve their customers with uncompromising standards. Ready to dream and build for today and tomorrow.

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