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Invested in Data

A Story of Owning Change

Financial services company protects customer information with custom solution in Google Cloud environment

Invested in Data

Owning Change in Finance

Our customer, a multinational financial services company, has been helping customers achieve their financial goals for more than 50 years. They wanted to lay a new, flexible foundation that still enabled them to protect sensitive customer information.

Invested in Data

The Challenge: Sky-high Standards

Reliable, Secure Data in a Cloud Environment

Customers trust financial institutions with their hard-earned money and some of their most sensitive information. That’s why our customer focused on reliability and security as they migrated their data from on-premises to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The goal:

  • Make their data pipeline more secure and reliable—with no downtime for end users—through data delivery modernization.
  • Enable their security team to protect customer data in new environment with cloud data loss protection and recreating on-premises audits to detect personally identifiable information (PII).
  • Build on their existing Google Cloud Foundation with an automated infrastructure environment.

Our customer wanted to maximize returns on their investment by working with a team who understood all the ins and outs of their new cloud platform. And a partner with expertise in the privacy and protection requirements in the world of finance. Enter TEKsystems.

Our Solution: A Custom Fit

Data Governance and Guardrails for Any Use Case

As a Google Cloud Premier Partner, we knew how to tailor a solution within the GCP environment to meet a customer’s specific security needs. We listened to understand how their security teams conducted audits for any exposed PII data in their on-premises environment. We wanted to build a scalable solution for our client to ensure that as their data grew in the cloud, the solution would still be effective.

Building a pipeline for continuously running inspection scans, their security team could have a complete picture of where data was coming from and any PII data within projects. Alongside them, we set up an end-to-end data loss prevention workflow for a cloud data warehouse, and we performed data validation, data quality and reconciliation between the existing system and GCP data targets. Making them ready for their next move.

They wanted to understand how to improve processes within data delivery modernization to maintain availability for their end users. We enhanced their existing application by reviewing their extract, transform and load (ETL) pipeline and recommending optimization for file processing, orchestration processes and BigQuery Structured Query Language (SQL)s. We also assisted them with automated testing and validation processes.

Our customer was equipped with a custom plan with parameters defined that could simplify app development, configuration and runtime by managing and provisioning the infrastructure through code instead of manually. As we implemented Terraform, we met the added governance needs by following strict continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) for infrastructure as code. We built guardrails to prepare for any use case. All to remain aligned with the broader business strategy.

Powerful Partnership: Invested in the Relationship

Scalable Data Analytics Solutions and Clear Communication

Our customer wanted a solution that worked for them immediately and gave them room to grow in the future. We stayed nimble and worked diligently to set up our customer for success. Infusing GCP expertise and best practices into every sprint call and touchpoint along the way, we shared our thinking behind our solutions, as well as next steps and possible improvements to implement in the future.

Invested in Data

Real-World Results

Value, delivered. With our advisory support and consultative collaboration, our customer activated many GCP products—from BigQuery and Cloud Composer to Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Cloud Pub/Sub and Dataflow. With their data migration complete and their customers protected, their investment will pay off and the financial services company is ready to take on the future.

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