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The Epilepsy Foundation: Advocacy, Powered by Analytics

A story of owning change

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago streamlines data insights to enhance civic impact


consistent view of donor and client interactions


above individual fundraising annual goal due to collective efficiency and growth changes


estimated decrease in reporting time

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The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago helps lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy. Their mission? Accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures and ultimately save lives. With countless client and donor touchpoints—and ongoing marketing and fundraising campaigns—the foundation aims to be a force of change in seizing the narrative around epilepsy.

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The proposition: Data behind donors

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago’s data strategy was complex, with multiple applications used to track client services, donor communications, fundraising efforts and other activities. The foundation sought efficiency, accuracy and one source of truth—it was time to trade siloed databases for precise, streamlined insights.

The foundation needed a partner to walk hand-in-hand in implementing a master enterprise application that holistically tracks all their data across the philanthropic spectrum—from contact records and social services to marketing campaigns and program management.

Our proposal: Enhance activism

We quickly got to work implementing Salesforce to track and manage all client touchpoints, standardize data and scrub duplicate insights across existing systems. With deep expertise in data, analytics and Salesforce, we utilized our full-stack capabilities to streamline information and build a universe of contacts, donors, clients and service providers.

As an influencer in healthcare and social services, The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago needed a tool that followed HIPAA privacy and consent laws while gathering pertinent client information. By utilizing Salesforce FormTitan, client touchpoints could be tracked and used anywhere, on any device—and most importantly—with signature consent. We worked together to integrate Classy and MailChimp for communication management and fundraising efforts, creating an all-inclusive system from an otherwise siloed effort. Total 360-degree integration.

Powerful partnership: Progress with purpose

We’re passionate about mission-driven change. Through our partnership with The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago, we helped deliver insights that impact. Our engagement goes beyond the numbers—empowering initiatives that directly impact and save lives. By delivering a core competency in Salesforce, the foundation was able to shift resources and focus on what they do best—activate change.

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Real-world Results

One source of truth. Infinite opportunities for impact. Accurately tracking and reporting their civic work prepares The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago for significant strategic growth. With an estimated 50% decrease in reporting time, they can confidently and efficiently report on holistic project progress across the organization.

Effective communication builds communities. Powered with tools that deliver a 360-degree view of their client community at an individual level, the foundation is prepared to enact a poignant grassroots marketing and fundraising strategy to promote their mission and provide resources to social services—delivering proactive access to care. The Salesforce custom build was part of a number of changes the foundation made to increase efficiency and drive growth. As a result, individual fundraising exceeded budget by 45% for that fiscal year.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Greater Chicago is better poised to track, report, strategize and link advocacy with analytics—bettering the lives of their clients and community.

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