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A Story of Owning Change

Data Powered

Using Microsoft BI to tell a clearer data story

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A leader in automated material handling systems and technology solutions, our client provides customers with top-of-the-line solutions and insights to make informed business decisions and maximize results. To keep up with the rapid pace of change in today’s business landscape, they’re always looking for new ways to level up their enterprise business intelligence (BI).

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The proposition: Data that delivers

Their ask was clear—provide end users with faster access to their data, and real-time reporting that aggregates and shows data in one place, instead of disparate systems and applications across the business. MicrosoftPower BI fit the bill—but picking an enterprise application was just the first step. Our client wanted to ensure it ran at full strength.

Our proposal: Insights, fast-tracked

We partnered with our client to implement Microsoft Power BI, integrate their multiple source systems—and optimize its performance at scale. After just four weeks, end users were able to dive into data integrated from multiple applications and create specialized reports to drive insights. From building custom interactive dashboards to exporting data analytics, the new reporting capability allowed our client to accelerate action and view near real-time data to drive meaningful decisions.

Powerful partnership: Agility at scale

As a top manufacturing company owning automation, our client is the definition of agile. But operating with agility also means a lot can change during integration and implementation. We worked side-by-side with them to navigate complexities, making adjustments in real time to maximize their BI investment.

We also supported their future-state design for their BI rollout, including consulting and training their BI user community, specific to their environment and culture. Charting a course for successful adoption, faster.

data analytics server room

Real-world Results

With the implementation of Microsoft Power BI and integration of their data platforms, our client delivers real-time BI to its end users. Better informed decisioning and continuous improvement, sustained. The new reporting capabilities have empowered their enterprise to retrieve, analyze and share data, which ultimately helps their customers achieve maximum productivity. A clearer data story, told.

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