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A Story of Owning Change


Accelerating progress and efficiency with streamlined desktop operations


end-user satisfaction


improvement in ticket resolution time


increase in end users supported

tire on road


Our client is on a fast track to transformation. A leading manufacturer, they’re focused on creating new solutions and technologies to reimagine the future of mobility.

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The proposition:A well-oiled machine

Motoring into the future means achieving peak performance without compromises, from back-end support to the manufacturing line. To keep up and empower their teams with faster resolutions and responsiveness, our client wanted to transform their desktop support and service management—harnessing the power of digital transformation and forward-looking workplace services solutions.

Our proposal:Lighten the load

We provided our client with a comprehensive desktop support solution across their North American manufacturing facilities so that their teams were never sidelined. We streamlined processes, created benchmarks and shaped performance tracking beyond troubleshooting to elevate their end-user experiences.

Plus, we helped lower total cost of ownership by shifting processes to our desktop support teams, so our client could focus more on critical business initiatives.

Through on-site visits, late-night calls and long hours, we’re as invested in our client as they are in us.

Powerful partnership:In it for the long haul

With a future-focused vision, we’ve expanded our dynamic workplace services. We recently hosted an Innovation Day that spurred recommendations for automation use cases— like automated smart ticket routing, proactive PC health monitoring, connectivity self-healing and password reset streamlining.

These innovations have the potential to drive $2 million in savings, all while creating efficiencies for smarter business operations.

To keep pace with digital transformation, we’re also helping update and replace their network equipment, all to modernize their infrastructure and elevate their desktop support.

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Real-world Results

Working together, our client was able to put their end-user satisfaction at the center of their service. Resolution times for employees dropped by 66%—from 3 days, 11 hours to 1 day, 4 hours. End-user satisfaction rates increased to 95% and continue to improve each year. The number of end users supported has skyrocketed from 14,750 at 27 sites to 21,000 at 50 sites—an increase of nearly 30%. Turbocharged service delivery, through and through.

And their success isn’t only limited to measurable outcomes. Sometimes, the things that don’t happen are as important as those that do. A server that doesn’t fail means a plant stays in production. A truck that doesn’t get turned away at the loading dock due to logistical error continues to deliver products to customers.

Problems resolved faster keep workers productive. And a manufacturer that doesn’t have to worry about support issues has more time to focus on what it does best: improving mobility and driving innovation in tires.

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