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A Story of Owning Change


Embracing digital change to heighten customer experiences

Launched AEM6 for an elevated digital presence—20 percent under budget.

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As an insurance company, our client is legendary for their superior customer service—they have more than 15 customer satisfaction awards to show for it. Delighting people is in their DNA. So it’s no surprise they wanted to embark on a transformative journey to modernize their digital user experience. And like all momentous journeys, it started with a look inward—to optimize their technology performance.

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The proposition:Elevating experiences

Our client wanted to maximize their use of Adobe Communique 5 (CQ5) to improve their website management and customer experience. But unexpectedly, Adobe stopped providing technical support for CQ5 altogether. Determined to design and deliver a superior user experience, our client forged ahead with us by their side to develop and execute a roadmap to upgrade to Adobe Experience Manager 6 (AEM6).

Our proposal: Accelerated accessibility

Arm in arm, we helped our client with the technical upgrade and showed them how to capitalize on their Adobe technology. Our collaboration empowered our client to operate AEM6 at full force and take fuller advantage of their new capabilities—capabilities that enabled them to design a more user-friendly experience. Plus, we helped our client integrate new features so customers can quote and buy policies online.

Powerful partnership: In transformation we trust

Our support bridged their marketing and IT teams to shape an internal structure sustainable for digital modernization and a cohesive partnership. Our solutions connected their internal processes and empowered their teams. With the additional digital components and templates, our client delivers relevant content to customers in real time. We also helped our client implement Touch UI for mobile devices so their marketing teams can edit webpages on the fly.

In this case, partnership was the active ingredient. Together, we worked in lock-step. We mobilized a dedicated steering committee to gather, connect and synchronize input, thought leadership and integration activities. An Agile approach ensured quick validation of the solution stack and architecture, and helped identify and address hurdles, changes or course corrections early and quickly. We also tapped into our Big Data Center of Excellence in Hyderabad, running parallel pilots with the on-site team to fast-track learning, testing and development. Accelerated, executable solutions? That’s how we roll.

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Real-world Results

Our client upgraded their technology and launched a new digital presence a month ahead of schedule, 20 percent under budget, while still incorporating additional fixes and enhancements beyond the upgrade. By streamlining their internal content operations and framework, our client's marketing teams are experiencing higher levels of synergy with internal IT—a digital-synchronized team with charged force. The best part? They’re now efficiently delivering an elevated, more intuitive user experience, aligning them with the future vision for their business.

Captivating customer experiences on and offline? We think yes. Our client is realizing the rich value of its Adobe platform to engage customers in meaningful ways across channels. Whether it’s leveraging new technology or looking at it differently to heighten customer interactions, our client is using digital to unlock transformative growth. Mapping for the future.

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