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Building a Roundabout for Data

A Story of Owning Change

A leading transportation and logistics company leverages DevOps to automate their code delivery process.

Reduced time-to-market

Decreased risk through automation of code delivery

Enhanced operational delivery for new data platform

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Owning Change in Transportation

Our customer, one of the largest transportation and logistics companies in North America, was navigating a complex cloud migration project. They leveraged DevOps to augment their pipelines and automate the code deployment process for maximum efficiency.

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The Challenge: Changing Lanes

Navigating a Complex Databricks Migration

To make their internal data analytics more robust and reduce costs, our customer wanted to migrate several workloads to Google Cloud, including a Databricks workload that presented unique challenges. As one of the first-ever organizations to host their Databricks environment on Google Cloud, they faced uncharted territory.

There was also a need to identify and accommodate for any gaps in service as they migrated their data from their previous cloud provider to their new Google Cloud environment.

Our customer wanted a partner with both the knowledge to develop a successful migration plan and the skill to help them execute it. Enter TEKsystems.

Our Solution: Mapping a New Route

Leveraging DevOps to Build

The goal was to find an efficient way to enable communication between our customer’s old cloud environment and their new one. This would allow data to be moved and then deployed to run against Databricks, a multicloud platform our customer used to empower their data analytics and reporting. Using DevOps methodologies to strategically facilitate this process, we optimized their code to support the migration to minimize the need for manual execution.

Navigating this new territory required innovation. The team integrated the library versioning tool Artifactory to provide our customer with full visibility into their dependency libraries—powering them to manage the different versions of code dependencies as they were implanted or tested. Think: adding a level of visibility to inform future progress. For similar reasons, we helped our customer use repeatable process models. These models help to eliminate redundancies and save time, giving teams access to code deployed from anywhere within the business to be re-implemented as needed.

Powerful Partnership: Sharing the Road

Working Through Challenges

Uncharted territory is the perfect environment for finding innovative solutions. The novelty of this project required close collaboration between us, our customer and their dedicated Databricks resources. We applied our knowledge as a Google Cloud Premier Partner throughout the engagement to make strategic recommendations informed by our previous successes with cloud transformation projects. As roadblocks came up, we worked in lockstep to keep our customer moving.

Constantly communicating our progress, fueled by our experience, led to our success. No matter the twists and turns—we moved the project along side-by-side with our customer.

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Real-World Results

We handled this migration process one step at a time, turning what could have been a minefield of downtime and lost data into just another cloud journey. By augmenting their CI/CD pipelines and automating the code deployment process, our customer can put the time and effort saved towards further expanding their data analytics capabilities. Their reporting tools provide more accurate data, refresh faster and provide key stakeholders with near real-time information to make informed business decisions.

By making a complex migration manageable, we increased our customer’s confidence in their platform. Automated code delivery means a lower risk of downtime and reduced labor costs, empowering them with a faster time-to-market. We were also sure to provide detailed documentation to support them as they continue to grow with their new platform. Now our customer gets to be seen as an innovator for future Databricks migrations to Google Cloud.

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