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A Story of Owning Change

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Developed a next-generation data analytics and insights platform using AWS and Tableau

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As a nation-wide American fast-food restaurant chain, our client does more than just serve up burgers. They’re intensely committed to improving their guests’ experiences—they even have a physical innovation center focused on new food and service concepts.

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The proposition: Unwrapping insights

Change-ready and forward-looking, our client wanted to measure the effectiveness of their restaurant sales promotions. But their enterprise data warehouse leveraged onpremise database technologies, as well as an outdated enterprise business intelligence system that made it difficult to make the most of their data. To improve their customer engagement, they needed a single view of their franchise operations and analytics.

Our proposal: Data, served

With an all-in partnership, we helped our client build a next-generation data and analytics platform leveraging AWS cloud to uncover new value from their data. We designed, developed and deployed the system using Tableau and AWS Redshift, ensuring optimized self-service reporting was on the menu. And for ultimate cost-effective storage, we developed a data lake built in AWS S3.

Powerful partnership: The right combo

Invention is always a hands-on proposition. It’s not just about collecting big data, but effectively drawing intelligence from it to drive strategic action—and improved results. With our data analytics and insights expertise and understanding of our client’s current use of technology, we helped them migrate to the AWS cloud while remaining adaptable to their ever-changing goals. The partnership continued beyond this initial deployment. We’re executing projects and solving performance issues to enable our client to accelerate business transformation.

TEKsystems Global Services has been a reliable partner in our business transformation through the cloud. The teams quickly aligned with our business goals and helped us stay agile while meeting our timelines. Their flexible execution model had been a key driver in keeping our total cost of ownership on target.

- Chief Technology Officer

woman holding a deluxe burger over wrapper on table preparing to eat.

Real-world Results

By rolling out a more holistic analytics platform, our client has equipped their teams with the ability to explore and quickly uncover value from their data ecosystem. They’ve gained a single canonical view of their franchise data while decreasing their overall licensing costs and footprint associated with their previous system. Plus, reporting processes have improved drastically with the addition of their self-service reporting capability. The end result? An increase of average store sales and total customer transactions, as well as improved average speed of service.

Unafraid to embrace change, our client is now extracting cognitive value from their data—evolving their products and operations to serve customers a more intentional, and ultimately delicious, experience.

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