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Smarter Self-Service

A Story of Owning Change

Telecommunications leaders transform the customer service experience with Google Cloud Contact Center AI.

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Owning Change in Telecommunications

Our customers are communications powerhouses, connecting people every day. Serving hundreds of millions of customers, these telecommunications companies had a mission to improve their customer support using Google Cloud Contact Center AI.

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The Challenge: Holding Out for an Agent

Seeking Faster Resolution Through Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

“Please listen to our menu, as our options have changed.” We all know that sound. The sound of, “I have to wade through 10 minutes’ worth of recorded options and press multiple buttons before I get the help I need.” Our customers were ready to flip the script.

Instead of navigating menu prompts or option trees, end users could enter a request on a voice call or chat support and immediately get the assistance they needed. No stilted speech, no robot-like commands.

This was made possible through a natural language understanding feature developed to find the best way to assist end customers in the shortest amount of time. Our customers wanted to bring this to life by working with a team with experience in Dialogflow CX that could help them implement Google Cloud Contact Center AI. Enter TEKsystems.

Our Solution: Testing, Testing

Adding Testing Capacity to Support Dialogflow CX Platform

We hit the ground running, working to replace our customers’ existing AI voice and chat solutions and implement Contact Center AI. We deployed tailor-made, right-sized scrum teams of conversational architects, dialogue designers and QA engineers to make it happen.

Working side by side, we helped our customers’ development teams with testing capacity and support for the Dialogflow CX platform. After implementing the new voice bots and chatbots, we continued to identify places to automate and refine the end-user experience.

Powerful Partnership: Always Striving for Better

Continual Improvement for Long-Term Success

True collaboration requires listening and flexibility—always adapting. As we navigated relationships in these large, multivendor projects, we stayed focused on the end-customer experience and business needs.

Never settling, we continue to seek opportunities to optimize the automation process through best practices and tooling. We also took what we learned and feedback we received along the way to consistently improve our delivery and help mature our customers’ processes. Think: efficiency, scalability and long-term growth.

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Real-World Results

Quicker resolutions, shorter call times, better customer satisfaction. End customers are connected to the right solution in less time, so they have more time to connect with their friends and family, face to face.

Our customers use these voice and chat virtual agents to help customers with any need—from ordering devices and troubleshooting to billing and account management. These virtual agents have improved the customer experience with automation and self-service while relieving call center workloads through call containment and call deflection. Customer support, elevated.

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