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A Story of Owning Change


Accelerating ambition at a leading communications network

Established mature ITSM to drive performance and efficiency

Introduced CI/CD DevOps concepts to streamline delivery

Accelerated time to market by reducing testing time by ~50%

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Competitive, volatile, profitable: The media landscape for NFL football is as dynamic and aggressive as the game itself. And network and entertainment industry leaders are vying for consumer attention—and dollars—to feed the linebacker-sized appetite for football programming.

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The proposition:Improve their game

Our client, one of the largest communication satellite networks in the country, needed to enhance performance in key, high-demand products and services to keep business moving forward. And with endless options for consumers to access premium programming, the network had to shorten go-to-market times to compete and keep their viewers happy, and loyal.

Our proposal:Play to win

We initially matured their IT Service Management environment for their Broadcast System Engineering Laboratory (BSE) team to better enable performance and efficiency. In 18 months, we significantly improved their use of ITIL, created a process library and built a knowledge management tool to drive change. We also streamlined metrics and focused on improvements to key processes—like ticket management and workflow. First down.

Next, we introduced key DevOps concepts into their process—continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous delivery—to optimize their high-value football programming product team. To maintain speed and drive traction against agile competitors, we delivered nimbleness and scale in the new DevOps environment to match business demands. Touchdown.

Powerful partnership:Strategic transformation

True partners inspire autonomy, not dependency. The client looked to us to optimize their processes and environment. Bringing our expertise in leading-edge delivery models—ITSM, Agile and DevOps—we created a foundation for success. The playbook we built and refined has been repurposed across multiple initiatives and business divisions. We’re on the same team—working as one, taking what we learn from one project and applying it to the next. Constantly applying continuous improvement for accelerated performance with each and every delivery.

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Real-world Results

Our client saw the speed in which their competitors were taking products to market and knew they needed to up their game. Our client’s typical 18–24-month product development life cycle—from project approval through market go-live—had to go. Through process improvements, we reduced testing time for major implementations from 3–6 months to just 2–3 months. A giant leap forward in delivering content and programming to customers where and—more importantly—when they want it.

With smarter delivery, the network has increased speed without sacrificing quality—gaining wins in a competitive field.

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