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A Story of Owning Change


Gaining speed, empowering growth through move to AWS cloud services

Cloud enabled in six months

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Our client works with biopharmaceutical companies to share the benefits of branded and specialty medications with healthcare providers, so ultimately patients can better access and benefit from therapeutic innovation.

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The proposition:First steps to cloud-first

Following a period of growth through mergers and acquisitions, our client saw opportunity to consolidate its now sizeable data center footprint. Scaling back would improve efficiencies, reduce overlap and better position them to control future costs by reducing spend on hardware maintenance, management and software licensing.

We led our client through workshops to identify, evaluate and select the highest prioritized workloads to move to the cloud. They chose a production messaging application that connects healthcare providers with real-time medication recommendations based on a patient’s symptoms and health record. The critical and complex business system consisted of over 18 APIs and websites hosted within multiple data centers and handles about 5 million transactions a day.

Our proposal:Chartering a cloud connection

We got to work connecting the dots from center to cloud. We migrated their multitenant production environment and created new architecture with new code. Each API and website exists in two Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instances, each in different availability zones behind one load balancer, which provides fault tolerance and directly reduces the cost of off-site data center infrastructure and support. Plus, we migrated and rearchitected their database to run the server with EC2. With updated code and architecture built for scale and speed, the client was not just connected to the cloud, but primed to conquer it.

Powerful partnership:Modernization, automation up ahead

Our client has its sights on being cloud-first—and with open source capabilities, the powerful AWS platform opens doors to potential automation opportunities. When they needed a trusted partner who could help streamline their application migration to the cloud in a concerted and collaborative manner, we stepped up. Our AWS and cloud enablement team worked hand in hand with the client on the migration effort, pulling in brainpower from across our full-stack services capabilities—from data analytics to load and performance testing—to provide a comprehensive cloud-based solution.

The cloud powers agility, scalability and speed. It's an essential part of any modern enterprise.

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Real-world Results

Within six months, our client was on the cloud. By migrating their production application and data to AWS, we immediately modernized and accelerated foundational cloud-native capabilities and components that support future migrations. Enabling the client to shrink their data center footprint and scale in a cloud-first model.

With an AWS Competency in DevOps, we established a modern DevOps approach for deploying code to new instances that enables the client to gain efficiencies through automation. Plus, the futurestate architecture provides redundancy and disaster recovery for each API and website.

Peak performance. Greater availability. Cloud enabled. By getting a business-critical platform off legacy technology, the client is not only reducing risk and long-term costs but connecting the power of the cloud with healthcare providers who, in turn, provide timely, informed and comprehensive care.

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