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Supporting an OpenShift Migration

A Story of Owning Change

Automobile manufacturer navigates a Red Hat OpenShift migration to optimize their application development.

Reduced management overhead

Reduced time-to-provision

Decreased response time for service tickets

Assembly line of automobile engines

Owning Change in Automobile Manufacturing

Our customer, a multinational vehicle manufacturer, saw an opportunity to better operationalize their OpenShift environment. And to make sure they were utilizing the most advanced tools, they needed to complete a version migration.

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The Challenge: Time for a Tuneup

Production Support for Engineering Teams

Putting cars on the road is one thing. Developing tools to inform drivers and create smarter, more efficient fleets is another. Our customer works hard to deploy applications that do just that. They invested in Red Hat OpenShift to modernize their processes. They wanted to provide their internal resources with 24/7 support to ensure that, while adapting to their new environment. This additional support would be critical when they were given the green light to migrate from OpenShift 3.X to 4.X, to take advantage of the new capabilities offered by the platform’s latest release. While necessary, the migration meant more work.

To meet their migration deadlines while operationalizing their systems, the vehicle manufacturer looked for an expert to lighten the load. As a Red Hat Premier Business Partner, TEKsystems had the horsepower to hit the ground running.

Our Solution: Containers Made Easy

Best Practices, Better Infrastructure

From the beginning, we sought to help our customer gain expertise in their new platform. We handled their day-to-day support to decrease pressures of the migration process, optimize their workflows and help them implement best practices to ensure their future growth.

They looked to us for guidance in multiple areas, including:

  • Onboarding non-cloud-native applications
  • Cluster management
  • CI/CD pattern development
  • Migration patterns

Assessing their internal operations resources allowed us to recommend skill set development in areas that would augment their team. Then we worked to automate their scripting processes and build new CI/CD pipelines to conserve their engineering resources. We increased observability by generating on-demand logs and alerts that would flag their team to common patterns, allowing them to solve tickets faster. By helping our customer move to a microservices-first mindset, we streamlined the onboarding of their on-prem applications. Containers, simplified.

Powerful Partnership: Cruise Control

Managing Day-to-Day Operations

When additional work gets piled on top of business as usual, it’s good to have backup. Our customer knew they needed a partner they could trust to take over their day-to-day operations, ensuring that their regular services would run smoothly while they focused on the future. We integrated with our customer’s internal operations team, deploying a unit of expert engineers to provide 24/7 service ticket support.

Looking toward the future, we cleared the roads by automating their Day 2 operations. We saved our customer time and resources by implementing the monitoring and maintenance that mitigates the risk of future issues from arising in the first place.

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Real-World Results

The most important result of our partnership? Our customer successfully completed their migration, operating on Red Hat OpenShift 4.X at peak operational efficiency. We helped them avoid the potential costs of ongoing end-of-life support for 3.X, and now they have a wealth of knowledge to support their continued advancements. To help them effectively manage their platform in the future, we created playbooks their teams can look to for guidance.

With their engine freshly tuned, our customer will continue to empower motorists with products and services that make them more efficient and informed.

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