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A Story of Owning Change


Fueling customers forward through application modernization


casualty scenarios validated


expected reduced operating costs

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As the leading provider of innovative technologies and apps for the automotive, insurance and collision repair industries, our client redefines how they power their customers forward. From big data insights to AI and cloud automation—their course for next-day innovation is unlike any other. They’re passionate about using technology to rapidly drive into the future and deliver exceptional experiences for their end customers. Sans speed bumps.

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The proposition:Reinvent the wheel

Improving the automotive industry for insurance carriers—and ultimately, drivers—requires reimagining technology applications to optimize user experiences. For our client, integration, modernization, speed and cost efficiency are a must. To continuously delight customers and transform the way insurance carriers connect to consumers, our client needed to evolve their application platform to better manage data, drive transparency for claims and optimize engagement.

Our proposal:You drive. We’ll navigate

Our client was ready to evolve, initiate ideas and build new solutions, but they needed help. We activated our partnership to bring the expertise needed to jump-start their vision. Together, we transformed their application design and automation framework to manage forms and inmemory reference data, providing the ability to deliver personalized recommendations to the end customer.

Leveraging TEKsystems’ DevOps, continuous integration and delivery expertise—as well as technologies like Azure, Java, Drools, Spring, Docker and Kubernetes—we helped our client modernize their application to provide users with accurate payment information and traceability.

Powerful partnership:An aligned vision

For our client, technology empowers their network to support the future of transportation. For TEKsystems, technology fuels our passion and commitment to helping organizations achieve their goals. Together, our transformative partnership accelerates momentum that is cutting edge and agile. We followed in our client’s footsteps to understand their vision and arrive at the goal destination, hand in hand. When a change in their vision happened midway through the project, we worked fluidly with our client to pivot our strategy and approach to the application’s architecture. We modified the rules engine to add greater value—without compromising next-gen capabilities and customer satisfaction.

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Real-world Results

A world-class infrastructure that runs at the speed of ambition. With an advanced automation platform and redesigned rules engine, our client can validate over 12,000 casualty scenarios with top-notch accuracy to process bills and provide recommendations. Their overall time to market has improved, with bills that previously took up to 20 minutes to process reduced to no more than a minute. Our client is expecting to cut their operating costs by 12%, while significantly amplifying their value to their customers. Speeding forward with higher performance, dynamic quality and smarter technology—our client is riding into the new.

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