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Making the Grade with Application Innovation

A Story of Owning Change

Focused on the future of learning, our customer designed a digital-first resource for teachers.


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Owning Change in Education

Our customer, a learning company serving over 50 million students and four million educators across 150 countries, uses research and digital innovation to create experiences that engage and inspire the next generation of leaders and change-makers.

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The Challenge: Back to School

Building an Online, Multimedia Resource Library with a Modern User Experience

Our customer owns the future of learning by developing online education and learning resources. After they reimagined what’s possible with a digital teaching and learning platform, they were ready to graduate to what’s next.

The assignment? Developing a new, digital-first learning experience that empowers teachers, from planning tomorrow’s lesson to professional development:

  • A comprehensive, on-demand media library of professional learning resources
  • Instructional recommendations backed by research-based practices
  • Direct support from coaches
  • Connection with other teachers online through live events and a virtual community space

The deadline? Pencils down before the back-to-school season starts.

Our customer sought out support and added bandwidth to take on this new application development project. They required expert partners in transformation to build this new digital platform with a quick turnaround. Enter TEKsystems.

Our Solution: Do the Homework

Using Application Development and Agile Methodology

We deployed a tailor-made scrum team supported by our Montreal Innovation Centre for the resource library assignment. Our customer’s in-house digital innovation expertise and our tried-and-tested core development experience joined forces to tackle the challenge.

Our team used a standard Agile software and application development process with an iterative and incremental two-week sprint cycle. Our team built the new digital experience on AWS and used Angular JS, React JS, Angular IO, GitHub, Jenkins, Java, Python, Docker and Jest for development. They leveraged Google Analytics to track custom user interactions and activities.

Powerful Partnership: The Power of the Buddy System

Custom Collaboration for Rapid Product Design

We’re in the business of building tomorrow. That work starts by listening today. By taking the time upfront to understand our customer’s culture and priorities, we enabled digital innovation powered by seamless and effective collaboration.

Our partnership grew beyond application development to focus on simplicity and adapting along the way. Each sprint cycle ended with feedback from the customer team. Equipped with a tangible demo of the application, their team could test the end-user experience. Their feedback fueled the next sprint to ensure continued focus and alignment.

Flexibility, activated. While our team intended to be co-located with our customer, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown in Canada forced us to pivot. Staying in constant contact, we worked side by side—even while virtual.

TEKsystems integrated seamlessly with our unit to work as one team. It’s why we have such a successful track record, and honestly something I haven’t experienced often when working with external business partners. It’s the key reason I’m looking forward to continuing a partnership with TEKsystems.

Vice President of Software Development

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Real-World Results

With TEKsystems by their side, our customer built an online professional learning environment that truly supported teachers. While they had developed the concept of this resource well before schools or businesses closed during lockdowns, our customer made the digital teaching aid available just in time to support teachers facing a once-in-a-lifetime challenge of suddenly taking their classrooms remote during a pandemic. This online resource library and digital experience became a trusted resource for teachers to connect and share their experiences and real-world advice.

By completing the project ahead of schedule, our team carried out extra quality assurance testing in advance of the public release. The extra credit? With this application development solution, our customer avoided the costly redundancies and saved tens of thousands to invest in the new era of education.

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