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Allegis Group:
Streamlining Data, Creating Opportunity

A Story of Owning Change

Allegis Group increases efficiency by migrating to Snowflake Data Cloud platform.


Reduction in ETL processing time 


Total saved in licensing costs per month


Customer records migrated


Allegis Group Owns Change

Allegis Group, the global leader in talent solutions, works to create significant opportunities for people who, day by day, shape the world. Through their network of niche companies, Allegis Group connects customers with workforce and business solutions to keep pace with innovation.

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The Challenge: One Company, Multiple Data Warehouses

Turbocharge Efficiency Through Cloud Transformation

Allegis Group is a massive, global organization serving more than 20,000 customers and placing more than 11,000 contractors weekly. Their strength? Allowing their network of specialized companies to function with a high level of autonomy. But over the years, this created siloed data, duplicative work and limited visibility across the organization. Allegis Group wanted to enable each operating company to work smarter—prioritizing efficiency to drive better business outcomes. They started by migrating one operating company, Allegis Global Solutions, to Snowflake’s data warehouse hosted on Azure.

Enter TEKsystems. As a Snowflake Elite Partner, we wanted to get the job done right with minimal disruption.

Our Solution: Teaming up for Transformation

Migrating On-Premises Servers to the Cloud

More than a decade of data to move? Challenge accepted. As our partner in transformation, Snowflake came a year prior to scope out the size and complexity of the data migration. We teamed up with Snowflake to conduct a preliminary migration readiness assessment (MRA) to capture the scope of the work, reviewing everything from data pipelines to security implementation. We organized our delivery team into pods and leveraged Agile sprint methodologies to optimize our project delivery. This allowed us to adjust to the needs of the cloud migration project as the focus of the work evolved.

More than cloud migration, Allegis Group wanted to make data more accessible. We integrated analytics tools, including Informatica, Power BI and WebFOCUS, empowering stakeholders to make informed business decisions fueled by centralized, shareable data.

Powerful Partnership: Data Foundation Drives Success

Providing Visibility With Snowflake Data Cloud

Allegis Group and Allegis Global Solutions wanted a solution unique to their business model and their data. As experts in cloud migration and data analytics, we meet customers where they are and get them where they want to be. That’s why we engaged our Snowflake resident solutions architect throughout the project to tackle nuanced architecture challenges. Our partnership with Snowflake ensured they received the most effective, innovative solutions throughout the project. From migration to implementation and beyond, we developed a roadmap and stayed with them every step of the way. Partnership and opportunity delivered.

"The engagement from every level of the project team was amazing. Day in, day out, TEKsystems Global Services worked diligently while leadership actively engaged and adjusted to ensure the best outcome."

— Dan Klopfer, Senior Manager of Business Intelligence, Allegis Global Solutions, an Allegis Group Company

allegis group snowflake migration

Real-World Results

Assess, activate and accelerate. We rolled out Snowflake’s Data Cloud platform for Allegis Global Solutions seven days ahead of schedule. The volume of data migrated was substantial, with 959 database objects and 683 million customer records moved. We resolved more than 400 defects during system testing and encountered zero issues post-go-live. With data transferred and validated, Allegis Group and Allegis Global Solutions already see reduced time spent on administration, upgrades and performance tuning. Given the success of the initial Snowflake migration and implementation, Allegis Group is conducting more cloud migrations across their enterprise with TEKsystems as their trusted partner in transformation.

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