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A Story of Owning Change

AI, Built for reality

TEKsystems and Google deliver smarter user support for doctors and nurses


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of chatbot inquiries resolved without escalation


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When administrative and technology barriers get in the way, it makes it harder for healthcare professionals to focus on providing quality care to patients. As a healthcare organization dedicated to delivering compassionate, personalized care, our client does more than just adapt. They anticipate and act—taking advantage of new solutions to ensure their doctors, nurses and employees can focus their ultimate mission of providing world-class healthcare to individuals and communities across the nation.

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The proposition: Meet Google Workspace

Our client’s top priority: Create and accelerate efficiencies so those on the front lines can deliver the best care possible. When they saw an opportunity to better empower their employees by migrating to Google Workspace by Google Cloud, they couldn’t help but propel toward the future.

First up: Streamline the migration to Google Workspace for employees with minimal disruption. Looking ahead, our client knew a migration of this size could impact service desk call volume as people adjust to the new technology. An initial analysis revealed that the migration could add up to 30,000 additional service desk calls on top of the 114,000 calls they average per month. They needed a lightweight, low-risk approach for employees to ask questions and get technical support in real time without over taxing the service desk. Expediency, efficiency and a seamless user experience were critical.

Our proposal: Activate AI

To deliver on their ambitious vision, we partnered with our client to design, set up and deploy a conversational chatbot tool to manage the predicted increase in incoming support questions. Built on the TEKsystems. sAIge conversational AI platform, and hosted on the Google Cloud Platform, the chatbot automated support. Doctors and nurses received real-time answers as they navigated their new Google-integrated suite of collaboration and productivity applications, like Gmail, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Calendar and Google Meet—all without calling the service desk or submitting a ticket.

As a Google Cloud Services Partner, we were able to move at speed to navigate our client’s environment. Our client had established a tight timeline to roll out Google Workspace, and we worked side by side to quickly deliver the chatbot solution in five weeks—before their full end-user migration, and with time to test and enhance the tool with feedback from early adopters.

Post chatbot launch, we continued to monitor incoming questions directly from the end users. By analyzing the data and the true support needs of the end-user community, we jointly prioritized the most impactful areas to train and improve the bot in real time. We evolved the chatbot to answer more than 1,000 questions, reinventing productivity and generating next-level insight.

Powerful partnership: A two-way street

The success of our solution was strengthened by a strong partnership and understanding between us and our client. Deployment of the chatbot was supported by our client’s organizational change management team to communicate and spread awareness of the chatbot’s accessibility to ensure employees knew about the change. Voice message reminders were included on the service desk support line advising callers on how to access Google Workspace support via the chatbot. Combined with consistent internal communications, our close collaboration helped create a unified transition while relieving support team stress.

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Real-world Results

Seamless, smart support. After our client migrated more than 160,000 users to Google Workspace, the chatbot received over 45,000 interactions and successfully resolved 80% of incoming support questions that would have otherwise been handled by the service desk. Our client’s approach was not only highly efficient, but completely scalable—now that they have the chatbot technology in place, they’re able to nimbly scale the solution up or down, depending on their needs. Plus, the chatbot is designed to get smarter over time—combining natural language processing, continual machine learning and a predictive engine to constantly improve the quality of its responses. Creating a seamless solution for employees, while minimizing disruption, and giving back time for better patient care.

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