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TEKsystems Receives Francization Certificate

Dec 6, 2010 | HANOVER, MD | For media inquiries, please contact us at

MONTREAL, QC – December 06, 2010 – TEKsystems, the leading technology staffing and services company in North America, today announced that its Montreal Innovation Centre has been granted a francization certificate from the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF).

Francization regulations, set forth by the Gouvernement du Québec, are intended to establish French as the primary language of business and commerce. All businesses are required to provide written employee communications and schedules in French, and must ensure that employees have a good working knowledge of the French language. To become eligible, businesses with more than 50 employees must register with the OQLF for a francization certificate, which is granted if the linguistic requirements are met.

“We consider our francization certification to be a major accomplishment and a milestone for TEKsystems’ operations in Montreal,” said TEKsystems Executive Director, Charlie Hall. “TEKsystems continues to make every effort to foster a French environment for its Quebec employees and customers.”

TEKsystems’ presence in Montreal has grown significantly over the past few years in order to meet client demand for more managed, project-based and outsourced applications services. TEKsystems began its francization compliance efforts in 2007 and established an internal committee to address linguistic requirements for francization, determine action items and execute on initiatives in accordance with the terms of the Charter of the French Language and the OQLF. The complexity and thoroughness of activities took three years to complete.

Hall continued, “Our francization committee did a tremendous job throughout this process. As a result, TEKsystems is well positioned to partner with companies that have Canadian operations and require French language support for Web content and applications. Our experience with francization requirements and the diversity of talent we have in our Montreal Solution Centre are powerful assets in supporting a wide range of business initiatives.”

OQLF Francization Advisor Shanmugasunder Chetty, said, “It was a pleasure to work with TEKsystems during its francization process. Though the company’s operations have an international reach, TEKsystems has made remarkable efforts to comply with the Charter of the French language in Quebec.”

TEKsystems’ Montreal Innovation Centre, and its team of nearly 400 full time employees, offers North American clients a full suite of best-in-class applications services, including applications development, applications management, data services, and QA and testing. TEKsystems expects its operations in Montreal to continue to expand as more companies turn to TEKsystems for consultative partnerships and managed support in achieving their IT objectives.

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