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5 Ways to Foster Gender Inclusion in IT

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in IT Report

February 13, 2023

A new study on DEI in IT shows a need for a revised strategy. Get started with these five tips.

Many business leaders have endeavored to be intentional with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategies, but program implementation appears to be lacking and results can be difficult to track. New research of DEI in the IT industry shows gender disparity in the sense of belonging among women technologists in the workplace.

Why Is Gender Inclusivity Important?

An inclusive workplace culture is foundational to employee retention, innovation and business growth.

Cultivating an inclusive workplace requires companies to take a fresh approach to DEI strategy, from recruiting and onboarding to continuous learning and career advancement. Implementing sustainable change means taking unconventional, bold steps when sourcing and hiring employees. It means creating programming and policies that engage and respond to employees from every level and background. Why start today? Organizations that fail to adapt will continue to face problems caused by unintentional gender bias and the ongoing war for talent:

  • Increased attrition among women technologists
  • Slowed productivity and innovation
  • Decreased ROI

Tackling these challenges can help improve employee morale and strengthen a company in the long run.

Where to Start

To stand out as an inclusive workplace, start from where you are. Evaluate and change systems of management, diversify talent pipelines, invest in workforce education and more. This infographic breaks down the top five ways to revolutionize your workplace culture.

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