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How Business Leaders Are Using Digital Transformation to Boost Revenue

April 13, 2022

Learn how company leaders expect digital transformation efforts to optimize performance and drive business outcomes.

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Moving from a reactive posture amid global disruption over the past few years, company leaders focus on digital transformation strategy to build more flexibility and resilience to future-proof their business. The TEKsystems 2022 State of Digital Transformation report reveals what value business and IT leaders expect to see from their initiatives as well as what common challenges they face.

Expected Revenue Growth in 2022

Digital transformation (DX) is about more than just keeping up with the latest trends. It’s about using technology advancements to generate new revenue opportunities. Digital leaders are making massive digital transformation investments and expect these efforts to translate into real business value.


Expected Top-Line Revenue Growth for DX Leaders

Challenges in Translating DX Efforts into Business Growth

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TWO out of FIVE organizations say digital transformation initiatives often fail to achieve the desired business outcomes.

Investing in your digital transformation journey is crucial, but efforts still fall flat. Company leaders must remember to think beyond tech spend—remember the people and processes.

Top DX Goals


Reduce Operational Inefficiency


Replace or Upgrade Legacy IT Systems


Transform Existing Business Processes

Digital transformation goes beyond modernization. But without a business modernization strategy, DX initiatives can only go so far. Technology investments don’t translate into business growth and optimized performance if you’re still spending on legacy maintenance, for example. That’s why replacing or upgrading legacy IT systems was a top goal for 2022 among survey respondents.

The Secret to Digital Transformation Success

What sets apart digital leaders from digital laggards in their business transformation journeys? Of the many characteristics, one theme stood out: enroll the right people at the right time. Successful digital transformation initiatives start with enlisting both IT and business stakeholders early in the process.

Value the Right Voices

Planning stages of digital transformation initiatives include the right mix of IT and business stakeholders.

DX Leaders 88%


DX Laggards 55%

Alignment between business and IT leaders is more than a nice-to-have. It’s a must. Companies that bring together the right stakeholders will find clarity when establishing the business problem and defining success moving forward.

Discover more findings in our State of Digital Transformation report:

  • Top business and technology priorities for companies in 2022
  • Most common DX challenges
  • Projected spend per digital transformation initiative

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