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3 Keys to Data Agility


What to consider when migrating data applications to the cloud.

| By TEKsystems

How do you collaborate across the enterprise to accelerate business drivers but maintain secure, reliable data? What if your organization—like many today—lacks flexibility in your technology architecture and/or is dependent upon legacy systems?

Creating that flexibility is no easy feat. But building data agility into your cloud migration process will help. What is data agility? Being able to deliver real-time, actionable insights across your organization securely. Consider these three keys to data agility.

1. Know the silos and seek to shift mindsets.

Easier said than done, right? Developing a flexible, agile architecture is not just about the technology. It’s the people and the processes. It’s identifying the silos that do exist. It’s defining how that data plays into the bigger picture.

What are your business goals? How can data sharing from across business units inform decisions and contribute to business growth? How does that impact your people and processes? Ask the right questions and enroll the right people to lay the groundwork and connect data to your business goals. The siloed mindsets will begin to break down.

2. Leave legacy behind but not without a plan.

It’s no secret that shedding legacy technology and moving from traditional databases to cloud-based applications helps organizations gain momentum. But to realize the true benefits, planning is essential.

For example, there is already a well-defined, multistage process for traditional databases migrating to the data cloud service Snowflake. And as a Snowflake Elite Partner, we’ve helped organizations rapidly move through the multiple steps involved in each stage, including assessing, migrating and validating. And we’ve done it on any Snowflake-supported cloud platform, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Learn how our TEKsystems AMPGSTM Cloud Migration Toolkit can migrate your on-premise data warehouse to Snowflake data cloud platform.

TEKsystems AMPGS Cloud Migration Toolkit process

3. Show the value in visibility.

In our research, we’ve found that siloed mindsets, navigating complexity and competing tech priorities continue to be near the top of the list of challenges for most organizations. To tackle competing tech priorities, it’s critical to have a bird’s eye view of data for leadership. You want to illustrate the business value of technology investments. But it’s not only about leadership’s view.

You need real-time visibility to adjust to market realities. For retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers, that means supply chain visibility. A modern cloud data platform, like the Snowflake Retail Data Cloud, allows organizations to quickly adapt to market changes. Check out how we recommend retailers and CPGs create and improve supply chain visibility.

Working toward data agility across an organization can drive growth and ensure resiliency despite fluctuating market demands and customer behaviors. From mindsets and planning to value and visibility, we can guide you through and help develop that flexibility.

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