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Secure your BI tool’s connectivity to Cloudera Impala

July 24, 2017 | By Devang Pandya

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Big data’s rise has expanded organizations’ capabilities to capture, manage and analyze large sets of structured and unstructured data for actionable insight. But new technology always surfaces the challenges of keeping sensitive information private and secure.

This technical paper offers a subset of procedural security integration within a big data environment. Prior to any deployment, infrastructure teams should plan their pre-integration implementation procedures. It’s critical that you identify sensitive data elements and where those elements will reside in the system during your planning phase.

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The technical white paper includes a step-by-step illustration of:

  • Setting up Kerberos on a CDH cluster using the Kerberos setup wizard (a feature in Cloudera manager)
  • Hosting your Oracle BI Services (OBIEE) on a Linux machine
  • A bidirectional system integration strategy to connect OBIEE with Cloudera Kerberos

There's also information about goldent tickets and implementation best practices.

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