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Leveraging the power of microservices

From legacy systems to microservice applications

March 18, 2020 | By: Ricardo Madan

Hand using microservices as a form a digital transformation

Microservices are becoming a foundational necessity to the enterprise’s ability to compete in today’s digital age. Whether through enhanced new features, scale, UX, accessibility—or anything in between—there’s always potential for improving and modernizing applications with the ultimate aim of driving greater impact to customers.

Today’s reality is that new, more scalable and supremely flexible applications are being developed more rapidly than ever. According to IDC, 500 million new applications will be created in a five-year span—which is equal to the number built over the past 40 years.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Although it can be easy to breeze past never-ending stats when perusing technology-related content—there may not be a more profound prediction when trying to quantify all the growth resulting from the technology advances categorized under the banners of “digital transformation” or “modernization.” Again: 500 million new applications in five years. Imagine the cascading effect that growth will have—on gross domestic product, new jobs, innovation and yet-conceived technology sectors being spun up across countless startups.

And while there are many contributors to this massive scale-up—cloud, analytics, automation—there may not be a bigger enabler to this growth than the microservices style of development. IDC goes on to explain that by 2022, 90% of applications will be built upon microservices architectures (MSAs). Result: a tidal wave of new opportunity and challenges rushing toward us.

TEKsystems Global Services has invested heavily in designing, developing and delivering microservices tools and accelerators to help our customers successfully chart and pursue their modernization journeys. We’ve amassed a particular opinion on the relevance and future evolution of microservices, and on the podcast The Agile World, host Greg Kihlström and I begin to unpack MSAs and their impact on today’s technology landscape. We also discuss how microservices are helping power the industry’s ability to migrate from legacy or monolithic environments to those which can more easily transform to today’s digital tidal wave of rapid change and burgeoning demands.

To learn more about microservices, read our Version Next, Now issue on Cloud Enablement.

Ricardo Madan is an executive leader of TEKsystems Global Services with 20 years’ experience developing people, serving customers, designing and building technology services/products, and driving a seismic array of growth venues, all with the goal of significantly improving the lives and circumstances of his team, customers and community.