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IT consulting may give you an advantage in finding a new job

Practical, real-world advice that empowers you to drive your career forward  

June 23, 2020

a man looking at cloud data

A not-so-secret secret: job searching is overwhelming. In today’s current virtual climate, the job search experience can feel wildly inefficient. But, landing a great gig can (and should) be stress-free—your expertise is in demand. Here’s the good thing: for over 35 years, we’ve been investing in the people and technology to make the consultant and job hunting experience as easy as it should be for highly sought-after professionals. Especially when life is throwing curveballs left and right, like it is right now.

You’re not just looking for another job; you’re looking to propel your career forward. How can IT consulting springboard you into a career comeback? Consider this:

You get personal help finding a good job that’s also a good fit for you

Our specialized recruiters like to get to know you in person—whether it be over coffee or video. It pays for us to understand what makes you different and what you really want. So we’ll know the perfect match when we see it—and you’ll know exactly what you’re walking into. It’s a win-win.

You’re more than a resume

An IT recruiter worth working with will want to chat in person or over video because we need to be able to vouch for your presentation, soft skills and other intangible qualities. It's how we maintain our credibility with hiring managers, which in turn helps us get your resume more attention.

You have access to exclusive resources to boost your search

Our exclusive Community hub provides self-service resources and better job opportunities to build a long-term partnership with you. The Community makes it easier for you to quickly learn about positions that interest you—an exclusive view into our full database of jobs, including unadvertised opportunities. Simply select which jobs you’re interested in and a recruiter will contact you directly to answer your questions and tell you more about the opportunity.

You’ll get in front of decision-makers at top-tier organizations

We have deep connections with over 80% of Fortune 500 employers and long-term partnerships with small- to medium-sized organizations, not to mention other prime companies in your market.

From gaining exposure on multiple contracts or a permanent placement at your dream job or company, transformation starts with a single opportunity.