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Own your career: Google Data Engineer training

May 15, 2018 | By Jordan Schwartz

A woman takes an online training course for Google Data Engineer

Remember back in January when we did a quick spotlight on why IT pros should dip their feet into the big data waters? We remember—and we weren’t joking around. The technological world around us is learning, automating and becoming more efficient. And it’s happening fast. Most IT leaders expect to take action and implement big data, AI, automation and machine learning initiatives in the next 12-24 months, according to our IT Forecast polling.

If you’ve ever mulled over the idea of pursuing an IT career around data, the time to execute your plan is now (dun dun dun). Consider using your partnership with TEKsystems to familiarize yourself with the big data solutions on Google Cloud Platform.

The skills you’ll learn while going through these courses (think: analyze data, batch and stream data processing, orchestrate workflows, and tell stories from data to inform business outcomes) is, with apologies to MasterCard, priceless. Companies in every industry are in the market for these data engineering skills to help execute programs and gain business insights.

It’s probably not a coincidence that Skillsoft has just released a brand-new training to start you on the path of becoming a certified Google Data Engineer on the Google Cloud Platform. This course is meant for data professionals, or even just data enthusiasts, and is available to current TEKsystems consultants—peep at the course list below:

  • Google Cloud Dataproc
  • Continued Dataproc Operations
  • Dataflow Autoscaling Pipelines
  • APIs and Machine Learning
  • GCP Engineering and Streaming Architecture
  • Deeper through GCP Analytics and Scaling
  • GCP Network Data Processing Models
  • Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals

Through our partnership with Skillsoft, you have over 5,000 courses and 37,000 videos at your disposal. You can access these courses, as well as information about your current assignment and all TEKsystems job opportunities (over 3X what we post publicly), through your Community profile. If you haven't accessed the portal yet and need help, ask your recruiter to re-send your unique login.

Own your career

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