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Free training spotlight: Big data

September 13, 2016 | By Lisa Dare, TEKsystems Digital Content Strategist

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Big data is a field whose time is coming quickly. While there’s a lot of hype around the possibilities of  capturing and analyzing data, there are also tremendous challenges. But organizations that get it right to shave time off production processes, or figure out exactly the right offers to entice customers with, or where to invest next will reap tremendous competitive advantages.

What does this mean for you? Big data training and certifications can help prepare you for a field with a lot of demand and not much supply, and a career that will likely see nothing but growth for awhile.

While many data science positions call for degrees in math or related fields, there are several related positions that also earn big money, get you in involved in leading-edge projects and don’t necessarily require a background in algorithms.

Free big data training for TEKsystems consultants

Well-respected online training provider Skillsoft offers a robust big data curriculum—and TEKsystems consultants can access all the courses for free.

The offerings range from fundamentals to Spark and MongoDB modules. You can also find courses for related programming languages, including Python, Scala and R. 

Big Data Fundamentals


The Big Data Technology Wave


Big Data Opportunities and Challenges

Apache Spark Fundamentals


Programming and Deploying Apache Spark Applications

Apache Hadoop and MapReduce Essentials


MapReduce Essentials


Apache Hadoop

Hadoop Ecosystem


Ecosystem for Hadoop


Installation of Hadoop


Data Repository with HDFS and HBase


Data Repository with Flume


Data Repository with Sqoop


Data Refinery with YARN and MapReduce


Data Factory with Hive


Data Factory with Pig


Data Factory with Oozie and Hue


Data Flow for the Hadoop Ecosystem

Hadoop Operations


Designing Hadoop Clusters


Hadoop in the Cloud


Deploying Hadoop Clusters


Hadoop Cluster Availability


Securing Hadoop Clusters


Operating Hadoop Clusters


Stabilizing Hadoop Clusters


Capacity Management for Hadoop Clusters


Cloudera Manager and Hadoop Clusters


Performance Tuning of Hadoop Clusters

Big Data - The Corporate Leadership Perspective


Big Data Corporate Leadership Perspective

Big Data - The Engineering Perspective


Big Data Engineering Perspectives

Big Data - The Legal Perspective


Big Data - The Legal Perspective

Big Data - The Marketing Perspective


Big Data Marketing Perspective

Big Data - The Strategic Planning Perspective


Big Data Strategic Planning

Big Data - The Sales Perspective


Big Data Sales Perspective

Apache Spark Advanced Topics


Spark Core


Spark Streaming


MLlib, GraphX, and R

Apache Kafka


Apache Kafka Operations


Apache Kafka Development


Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Introduction


Microsoft SQL Server Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Overview

Data Science Fundamentals in R


Fundamental Methods for Data Science in R


Machine Learning Examples for Data Science in R




MongoDB: Indexing, Replication, and Security


MongoDB: Concepts, Installation, and Querying



In Depth with NoSQL


Programming with NoSQL


NoSQL Concepts and Background


NoSQL Models and Applications

RavenDB Fundamentals


RavenDB Overview


RavenDB Integration

Apache Cassandra


An Overview of Apache Cassandra

Apache HBase Fundamentals


Apache HBase Fundamentals: Installation, Architecture, and Data Modeling


Apache HBase Fundamentals: Access Data through the Shell and Client API


Apache HBase Fundamentals: Advanced API, Administration, and MapReduce

Database Fundamentals


SQL Server Database Fundamentals: Design Principles and Data Manipulation


SQL Server Database Fundamentals: Creating, Optimizing, and Securing Databases


Operational Intelligence Fundamentals with Splunk


Using Your Data with Splunk


Splunk Administration


Splunk Visualizations and Dashboards


Indexers, Clusters, and Advanced Search


Splunk Fundamentals

Big data training and certifications that boost your career

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