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Finding Inclusion as a Mexican American

Martin Sanchez, IT recruiting lead at TEKsystems, Mexican American (a personal photo)

Embracing my authentic self as we strive to foster an inclusive and diverse culture

TEKsystems has not only allowed me to be myself, but they have also pushed me to be truly authentic. When I let myself become vulnerable and brought my authentic self to work, I finally started seeing real success. Being able to be my authentic self has made me better at my job. It has helped me build stronger bonds with individuals in my office. It has allowed me to be a better leader, build better rapport and attain a level of trust from my team. It has helped me to have more honest, direct conversations to fast-track my team members’ own development.

I hope that sharing my story inspires others to be their authentic self. I want people who look like me, talk like me and have an upbringing like me to feel comfortable in their own skin and be prideful of their identity. I want people to know that individuals like me who have come from a tough background can be successful.

Thinking Forward