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How to become a digital production powerhouse

Deliver your content at scale

Oct. 15, 2019 | By Burk Buechler

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So you’ve made a decision to compete on customer experience. However, there’s a key factor to delivering a winning CX strategy: content. You’ve heard it before—content is king. When you transform your business through digital channels, you’re expected to also engage customers through digital channels, and that puts a premium on relevant and personalized content. Continually producing content—video, graphics, infographics, white papers and blogs—fuels your customer experience engine and increases engagement. You can build out a platform and create a CX strategy, but without content to fuel it, you’re not going to get anywhere.

In the age of personalization, producing digital assets and consistent content can be challenging. Personalization meets the user at different stages of their buying journey. The ability to generate and create specific content pieces that engage at the individual level—at scale—is a massive undertaking. That’s why creative studios have become a go-to resource for major brands that compete with robust content strategies.

What is a creative studio?

Creative studios are built in lock-step with an organization to streamline creative operations. They also relieve creative leadership’s time-consuming duty to provide oversight of day-to-day work so they can focus on strategy. Think: a humming on- or off-site production engine, maintaining the highest levels in design, quality and efficiency while your team is innovating.

Creative studios work best when aligned with marketing campaigns and in tune with content. All aspects of a creative studio go hand in hand with customer experience—understanding how to meet people where they are with relevant content, executing on that strategy and creating an experience that exceeds expectations.

Better content ops begin with better intake

Working with a partner to implement a creative studio starts with a well-defined intake process that addresses core business challenges and pain points. This intake process defines all the asset types required, supported with marketing technology and data analytics, so there’s insight in real time for continuous improvement. What is being consumed? What can be improved upon? The studio becomes the engine for all production assets, guided by consistent data analytics.

Content operations lessons learned

We’ve been running creative studios for several years now. Whether the client has had an established content operation or was in the process of building one out, we’ve learned that it’s essential to define their content journey in terms of current and future state.

It makes sense why the largest companies in the world are scaling their content strategy by utilizing creative studios. The vision? A production powerhouse. With a partner alongside for the ride, brands can make smart data-driven decisions to build and grow digital campaigns, pivot where needed and ultimately scale to meet their customers’ expectations.

Burk Buechler is the managing director of digital solutions at TEKsystems. Burk believes in a business-first approach to digital transformation. Digital is at the core of the enterprise and integral in driving business impact. A dynamic leader with over 25 years of experience across industries and sectors, ranging from healthcare and commercial to financial services and retail, Burk brings a distinctive blend of innovation, leadership and problem-solving expertise. Before TEKsystems, he most recently spent 12 years at Dell, leading their entry into digital services worldwide.