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Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Part 1


Hear from TEKsystems team members as they reflect on how their heritage has influenced them personally and professionally

At TEKsystems, we’re committed to nurturing an inclusive employee culture and welcoming diversity into every aspect of our business. For this series, we asked employees from the Asian/Pacific Islander (AZN) Employee Network (EN)* to share their unique perspectives as we honor Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

The Asian culture has so many intricacies and differences that I am seeking to understand other Asian cultures outside of my own. We can never make assumptions about the nuances of others’ cultures.

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Their hard work, perseverance and optimism have been traits and values that I continue to carry with me today. Learning to take full advantage of the opportunities we are given and gaining control of what we can control has helped me both at TEKsystems and in life.

There are so many different countries, ethnicities and subsets of people represented in the Asian American/Pacific Islander community! For anyone truly interested in learning more, it is imperative to recognize and be respectful of the diversity represented in this group and community.

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*Employee Networks (ENs) support the company’s efforts to attract and retain the best talent, promote leadership and development, and build internal support systems for employees.

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