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Why being an IT consultant can be frustrating ... and what we’re doing about it

November 16, 2017 | By Jordan Schwartz, TEKsystems Digital Marketing Specialist

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If you’re an IT consultant doing contract work, you may like the variety, pay and ability to avoid office politics. But you probably kind of hate some parts of the process, like filling out all that paperwork every time you start with a new agency.

What’s difficult about being an IT consultant? Well…where do you start?

  1. It’s hard to plan the next step in your career when you’re not sure when your current assignment will end.
  2. You don’t always get to see all the open and upcoming jobs, even at your current agency.
  3. It’s difficult to consistently enhance your skills to advance your career and stay competitive in today’s ever-changing IT jobs market.
  4. You don’t always know whom to ask when you have a question: your boss, your recruiter, your personal psychic?
  5. Not to mention, trying to track down all the information on your benefits, W-2 and payroll is painful.

We get it. You deserve better.

At TEKsystems, we’ve taken all that feedback and invested in the people and technology to make the consultant experience as easy as it should be for highly sought-after professionals. It all starts with our new and exclusive Community hub where the No. 1 focus is our consultants: providing self-service resources and better job opportunities to build a long-term partnership with you.

Unsure where you are in your current contract?

Now there’s an easier way to check the status of your current assignment. Your assignment end date is instantly visible when you access your Community profile. This will help you clearly see when it’s time to talk to your recruiter about future opportunities and your next big career move.

Limited visibility into open job opportunities?

Our Community allows you to search our exclusive and entire database of all jobs (not just the ones we post on our site—less than half our openings). We’ve also made it easier for you to quickly learn about positions that interest you. Simply select which jobs you’re interested in and a recruiter will contact you directly to answer your questions and tell you more about the opportunity.

Worried about staying relevant and consistently advancing your skills?

You now have a direct portal to over 5,000 free online courses to help you deepen your skills and broaden your expertise. Simply log in to you consultant Community profile to browse our course catalogue.

Going in circles attempting to get your question answered?

Your Community homepage provides a list of Key Contacts, AKA your personal dream team to make your experience in the TEKsystems Community and ultimately your career with TEKsystems as smooth and successful as possible.

Stuck in a black hole trying to find pertinent job information?

Your Community homepage gives you direct access to your time and expense resources, payroll and W-2 information, benefits details and employee perks and discounts.

If you’re actively working as a TEKsystems consultant, you should have received an invitation to join our new consultant Community during the first week of your new gig or from your TEKsystems recruiter.

If you’re not a current TEKsystems consultant, create a profile or search for jobs to get started!

Enter our exclusive Community hub

Active consultants can log in here.