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10 things only a help desk worker knows

May 17, 2016 | By Lisa Dare, TEKsystems Digital Content Strategist

tired help desk worker
  1. When a user “doesn’t know” why their computer hardware suddenly stopped working, 99 percent of the time you’ll find freshly spilled coffee in the keyboard.
  2. Most of your knowledge comes from a mysterious source of wisdom named “Google.”
  3. This is not only your favorite meme, but 95 percent of your job:

4. Tech support is 10% technical knowledge, 50% user psychology, and 40% filling in gaps in other people’s common sense.

5. The office printer is possessed by the soul of a demonic toddler. 

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6. The face palm is your go-to expression when dealing with certain users.

7. It’s critical that you find your phone’s mute button on the first day of your job so you won’t get caught laughing.

8. Businesses that try to save money by neglecting infrastructure deserve what they get.

9. If you value upward mobility, you’ll figure out ways to let high-ranking users save face ... even when they call saying their computer won’t work, and you go through all the usual fixes only to find out their monitor isn’t plugged in.

10. A call that starts with “my internet is broken” isn't going to proceed smoothly.