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Data, coupled with intelligent analytics, paints a picture of your business and industry. How do you overcome complex, siloed data systems to deliver actionable insights that drive better decision-making? With a data analytics platform that collects, secures and analyzes information required to help tackle your business’ complex operational and logistical challenges. With a real-time, complete view of your business, you can act quicker, pivot smarter and make decisions with greater confidence that will position you for success today and well into the future.

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End-to-end solution for 360-degree decision-making

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Real-time and point-in-time analytics, dashboards and reporting

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Improved outcomes driven by analytics

Data-driven decisions

Certainty During Uncertain Times

Keeping your employees and customers safe is your No. 1 priority. To achieve that, you need to effectively manage and analyze large, dynamic and complex sets of data to make smarter decisions on everything from employee wellness to facility preparedness—all while keeping up with rapidly changing local, state and national regulations and guidelines.

With our automated solution, you’ll have disparate data sources in a single view to make better business decisions.

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  • Better compliance with government jurisdictional guidelines and complex reporting mandates
  • Track your employee wellness in real time with automated monitoring at the local and enterprise level
  • Manage COVID-19 issues through automated data analytics around hot spots, contact tracing and test scheduling
  • Improve your workplace planning and capacity management across facilities

Stronger, together. TEKsystems Global Services and MTX Group have partnered to provide end-to-end data solutions designed to ensure you stay well-informed and have greater confidence in your business decisions. To date, TEKsystems Global Services and MTX have partnered to provide enterprise solutions for reopening plans at both the state and local level.